Winamp is my favorite "trip toy". Its the greatest because you can play all your favorite mp3s and have awesome visuals go along with the music. Just download winamp, then download what plug-ins you want. Winamp requires at least a pentium system, and most of the plug-ins require a graphics accelerator card. Here are some of my favorite plugins to watch while on DXM.

• Jet - This is my favorite for DXM, Lots of movement and colors - Must Try!

• Geiss - This one used to be my all time favorite - Less stressful on your video card

• Tripex2 - This one is very cool - Graphically Intense


This one is GREAT. A must try for any person that enjoys trip-toys. It should work in the newest version of winamp. This plugin should come with winamp. Heres how to do it:

• Start up a cool song with the plugin going, then double-click the window to bring up the editor.

• Goto settings (up top) then goto display.

• Then with the new options you see, check the ones that say "Wait for retrace", "Pixel doubling", and "Overlay Mode".

• After you do that double click the color box underneath the overlay option, this should bring up a custom color box. - Screenshot

• From there the only thing we need to play with is the vertical bar on the far right. Either move the arrow all the way up (white) or all the way down (black). I suggest all the way down (black). Make sure its all the way up, or all the way down. - Screenshot

• Now click ok, and then close the editor window. Now you should notice that whichever color you choose, is now part of the plugin on your desktop.

Then what I do is find a good preset (by right clicking the plugin window), and then minimize winamp. Very trippy...


Acid Warp is a pretty cool program that produces "eye-candy". It runs in DOS but can be run in Windows 9x. This program does not need a powerhouse of a computer, and should run smooth on any computer that can view this webpage.

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