I just wanna say that if you do DXM, and do something stupid then its your own damn fault. Dont try to blame your own stupidity on me or anyone else. But anyways, now that I got over with, here are some common OTC medicines containing DXM. If there is something other than DXM as the active ingredient and I have it listed, then I will state so. But dont take my word for this, always read the box before ever doing any of these recreationally. Just look on the side of the box for "Active Ingredients". There you should only see "dextromethorphan", "dextromethorphan HBr", "dextromethorphan hydrobromide", "dextromethorphan polystirex", "dextromethorphan polystyrex", or anything along those lines. If it doesnt say that, or has something else listed under active ingredients, then don't do it, or if you know what your doing, do an extraction. Be sure to read the FAQ before trying any of this.


Active Ingredient: DXM HBr
4oz = 354mg DXM
8oz = 708mg DXM

This is probably one of the most used products. I personally think this is the most vile tasting substance on Earth. Now dont take that the wrong way, its not too evil tasting when taken properly. But, when trying to get down a 4oz - 8oz bottle it is so sickening. Im not sure but I think some have methol in it and some dont (dont hold my word to this), but if given the choice, take the one without methol, it makes the process alot more bearable.


Active Ingredient: DXM HBr
4oz = 354mg DXM
8oz = 708mg DXM

Basically same as Robitussin, just cheaper, thinner, and no Menthol! This is the kind I use. Sorry for you guys who dont live near one. But you can always look around around for generic brands.


Active Ingredient: DXM HBr
4oz = 237mg DXM
8oz = 474mg DXM

This is similar to the maximum strength cough, except that it has a much more normal taste (strange honey taste), but it is alot thicker. Alot of people dont advise this syrup because of its thick consistancy, which makes it alot harder to take in large amounts without getting nauseas, and not many people I talked to liked the taste either.


Active Ingredient: DXM Polistirex
3oz = 534mg DXM Polistirex

Most people say this is the easest to drink, but its fairly expensive for one 3oz bottle. This syrup contains DXM Polistirex which is usually not as good as DXM HBr. This takes notably longer to kick in, and usually takes more to be as intense. For more info on DXM polistirex then goto the What is DXM? page.


Active Ingredient: DXM HBr
Package = 30 geltabs
1 Geltab = 30mg DXM

Remember back in the day when there was those Drixoral pills? Well these pills are hard as hell to find. Check out their webpage www.dexgen.com for info on where to find them. I dont know how reliable that is, because I checked my local Eckerds, like it said, then I ask for it and they tell me they've never heard of it. You can also order it off www.drugstore.com. But its not that great of a deal for 900mg for $12. But anyways if you got it around you, your lucky...
Active Ingredients: DXM HBr, chloropheniramine maleate
Package = 16 tablets
1 Tablet = 30mg DXM / 4mg CPM

Warning! DO NOT take this recreationally! The chloropheniramine maleate(CPM) has been know to cause deaths and comas when taken in large amounts. Many people have an allergic reaction to this antihistamine, and bad things happen in large amounts. This became popular because it was alot easier to do instead of downing some nasty robitussin. I do not recommend taking this, but if you want, check the extractions for info on removing the CPM.

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