This section was provided to inform some dexers that theres other stuff out there other than just DXM. I will not cover each one indepth, as the nature of my page is for DXM.

Stuff you may need:

Empty Capsules
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N2O - [NITROUS OXIDE] - "Laughing Gas"

Nitrous Oxide is another dissociative drug like DXM. Sometimes called "laughing gas" or abbreviated as N20. You need a "cracker" to open the cartridges and to inflate a ballon. From there just inhale the ballon. Make sure to take breathing breaks between ballons.

Nitrous Oxide Expirences (Erowid)

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This chemical is similar to LSD, and is illegal but it can be found in nature.

Morning Glory Seeds - [Ipomoea Violacea]
This plant is very common. Its seeds contain LSA and can be eaten. Most Morning Glory seeds you will find at retail stores will contain a fungicide on the seeds, because they are ment for planting and not eating. This can usually be removed with dish washing soap. The 4 varieties known to contain LSA are "Heavenly Blue" (best kind), "Pearly Gates", "Flying Saucers", and "Blue Star". Other varieties may also contain LSA, though quite likely in lower quantities. While these seeds are very small, you have to eat anywhere from 50-500 seeds.

Morning Glory FAQ
Morning Glory Experiences (Erowid)

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Hawiian Baby Woodrose Seeds (HBWRs) - [Argyreia Nervosa]
These are usually the choice seeds for LSA. Although they usually cant be easily bought in hardware stores like morning glories, you dont have to eat nearly as much (5-10 seeds).

Hawiian Baby Woodrose Experiences (Erowid)

Order: "Hawiian Baby Woodrose" 15 seeds
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A bill has been proposed to make Salvia Divinorum Schedule I (same classification as marijuana and LSD). Who knows how much longer it will be around.

Read the Bill here
Contribute to the Salvia Defense Fund

Salvia is a legal plant (as of now). The plant can be smoked, chewed, eaten, ect... To smoke the plant normally you have to smoke alot in a short amount of time, so some places sell 2x, 5x, 6x and 10x extracts. This plant is Very powerful and shouldnt be taken lightly, if using the extract only take a few big hits at first. The intense effects usually last about 15 minutes, and a few hours with after-effects.

Salvia FAQ
Salvia Experiences (Erowid)

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Mescaline is probly most well know for being found in Peyote, which is illegal. But it can be found in other cacti which are not illegal. While the cacti aren't illegal, eating them are. Mescaline is a strong psychedelic, thats been used by natives for a very long time.

Peruvian Torch - [Trichocereus Peruvianus]
San Pedro - [Trichocereus Pachanoi]

San Pedro Potency FAQ
Cacti Experiences (Erowid)

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This is a legal type of mushroom. It is very powerful, and for some reason is still legal. It can be smoked or eaten. Dosage for eating dried mushroom varies from 1-30g. If you wanna see a sci-fi movie about this, watch "Altered States".

Amanita Experiences

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