These are my picks for cool drug movies. Most of the movies here also fit in the "Movies to trip to" section.


• Johnny Depp (Edward Scissorhands, Blow)
• Benicio Del Toro (Traffic, Way of the Gun)

This is one of my favorite movies. This movie is basically about two guys' journey while doing tons of psychedelics ranging from mescaline to LSD. The movie is basically one big trip, and you soon forget what the plot is. Some of the things they expirence I can relate to, and others can too. They both play great parts, and would convince me they really were tripping. Anyways I highly recommend this movie, go out and rent it tonight if you havent seen it!!!


• William Hurt (A.I., Silent Witness)
• Blair Brown (Hamlet, The Astronaut's Wife)
• Drew Barrymore (Charlies Angels, Never Been Kissed)

Lemme first say that this movie is Sci-Fi. Some may enjoy this movie while others won't. This movie is about a research scientist who experiments with altered states of human consciousness. He starts using Amanita Muscaria in his sensory deprivation tank, and thats when the Sci-Fi begins... I was somewhat very surprised at the ending, with how dramatically the movie turned. I recommend this movie, especially if your into researching and studying psychadelics.


• Sarah Polley
• Desmond Askew
• Katie Holmes

This movie is mostly about MDMA (extacy). I dont wanna tell you alot about it cause I dont wanna spoil it. A girl trys to sell some extacy to pay off some bills, and alot of shit happens. Theres alot of plot work in this movie, and I enjoyed it.

• Dave Chappelle
• Guillermo Diaz
• Jim Breuer

If you haven't seen this then you have to. Incase you cant tell its about marijuana, and its very very funny. The plot is basically that some friends try to sell a bunch of weed to bail their friend out of prison before Nasty Nate makes him his bitch. This movie comes on Comedy Central all the time, so either watch out for its next showing or go rent it.



This is my pick of movies to trip to. This section could be very long so I'll try to narrow it down to just my favorites. By the way, I always watch the movie once before I trip so I dont get confused. Other people say that its boring if you've seen it before. So figure out whichever works for you, also it depends on your dosage.

I have not had a good expirence with these movies on dxm. While others may have, I have not, these are just my opinons. The movies I have listed all involve Heroin, strange?

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