The most used room is the AIM chatroom. You will need AOL Instant Messanger, to use this room.

Enter the AIM chatroom!

Here is our web-based chatroom:

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Here you can post messages, and others can reply.

Here are some online newsgroup providers:

• alt.drugs.psychedelics
• rec.drugs.psychedelic
• alt.drugs


Here you can talk real time to dexers around the world! These rooms are determined by the server you join to and by the room name. You can download the mIRC program here.

Dalnet - #dextroverse - This is the official dextroverse IRC channel. But most people prefer the AIM based chatroom. Feel free to idle in here =).

Chatnet - #drugs - My favorite, but not too many people in there often, or people talking. But when there is its great. Not too much flaming in there. Mostly psychedelic drug talk in there. This room is run by: DialToneZ. - #dxm - This one has more people, but more flaming. There is almost always a conversation going on in there, but better watch what you say if you're not a regular. To get in here you gotta setup the server info. Where you pick your server, just goto add and put "" in the server part, and make sure the port is "6667".

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