The Dextroverse Under Fire

For those of you that tried to visit the page for the past few days, I apologize because our account was deleted. Not to worry, the dextroverse is back up and running. Since everyone wants to know whats going on, Im just going to post it here for everyone to read:

• was down around early 12/11/02, with the default "Plesk" page shown, like the account has been reset. I try to log into the ftp and I get an incorrect name/password error. So I email my admin asking whats up.

Admin's response:
"Your "site" records have been confiscated. Appearantly there was a posting on a forum offering some sort of drug or drug paraphanalia, and a parent reported it.

Things are still under investigation at this time."

My Response:
"What?!? How come I was not informed of this when the fact happened? I clearly stated in the new member agreement and on the board rules that there will be no talking about buying or selling drugs. And when its reported by a "parent" my site is instantly taken down, and im given nothing? This is complete bullshit. I want to know what the member names where and what the message said. Also, what kind of "investigation" are you talking about?"

His response:
"This all "just happened". You were informed at the first chance we had to inform you. I did not personally see the site, before it was taken down, so I'm not sure. Appearantly there was alot of information about "drugs", that many may not consider to be drugs.

A "parent" did not report anything to us. We do not base decisions on what a person (parent or otherwise) tells us. We take action when we're contacted by a proper authority as to possibly illegal content on our servers, and we cooperate fully with any such authority.

If anything comes of this I'm sure you'll be contacted by the proper authorities. "

Those are all the facts Ive recieved. Evidently some parent contacted some sort of law enforcement, and it seems that law enforcement told my host to pull my plug, then it seems they copyed all the page's data (im guessing for forum posts), and is conducting some sort of investigation. I will keep you informed as I get informed. My old host was, and their terms of service are located here.

NEWS>> Cough syrup maker Buckley's sells out to Novartis

"Buckley Ltd., maker of the Buckley's Mixture cough medicine the company proudly admits "tastes awful", has been sold to pharmaceutical giant Novartis"


NEWS>> DXM Could Aid In Future Eye Implants

"... he is working with molecular designers to come up with cages that also act as neuroprotectants, because high doses of glutamate and other neurotransmitters such as gamma-aminobutyric acid and glycine can damage nerves. One candidate is dextromethorphan hydrobromide, the main ingredient in many over-the-counter cough syrups. The drug can help attenuate toxic glutamate overstimulation..."


NEWS>> Coricidin On the Local News ( 11/12/02 )

WPEC News 12, FL :
"Experts are calling coricidin the next ecstacy and a poor man's LSD. A 17-year-old boy who chose not to be identified says he was taking triple C every other day. Sometimes 40 pills at a time.

'I have never had anything else like it between coke, pot, alcohol, acid, never had anything like Coricidin'."


Channel 5 News - Des Moines, IA :
"The warning comes after emergency crews responded to drug overdose calls twice in as many days at the same house. The first call came to a metro house Friday afternoon. Rescue crews took four people between the ages of seventeen and twenty to the hospital. Police say they all took about forty pills each of Coricidin, which is a cough medicine, and marijuana. Rescue crews were called there again Saturday night, when one of the boys overdosed again."


NEWS>> Two Hospitalizations From DXM ( 10/17/02 )

"Two Butler Area School District students have been released from Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh after taking capsules containing a concentration of a cough suppresant.

The student who provided the capsules containing dextromethorphan, or DXM, was taken into custody and charged in Butler county juvenile court with aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person, police said. The suspect's name is not being released because of his age."

"Hays said police in his department have heard of DXM, but this is the first time the department has handled a case involving it.

Hays said DXM is not a controlled substance, which is why the suspect is not facing any drug charges."


NEWS>> Pharmacies Lock Up Cold Remedy ( 10/6/02 )

"Some Indiana pharmacies have taken a popular cold remedy off the shelves and placed it behind the counter or inside locked cabinets after authorities warned the medication is being abused.

Police are concerned that Coricidin HBP Cold and Cough is becoming popular as a recreational drug, particularly among teens."


NEWS>> DXM Popsicles! ( 10/6/02 )

"Each Benylin(x) DM Medicated Freezer Pop contains 7.5 milligrams of the cough suppressant dextromethorphan. Sold in boxes of eight and available in grape and orange flavours, the individual cough pops come wrapped in a tear resistant plastic packaging that must be opened with scissors and is clearly marked as medicine. Boxes should be available in drug stores this month."


NEWS>> Assault and Burglary on Coricidin ( 9/30/02 )

"Earlier in the night, the friend, John Pecoreno, 18, fed him a dozen tablets of Coricidin Cough & Cold to clear up a lingering cough. The reaction was swift.

Cahill, who family and friends said has a lifelong history of mental illness, thought he was being poisoned.

In what likely was a drug-induced psychotic breakdown, Cahill clawed at his face, howled, rolled on the ground, drank milk and bolted from the Tuckerton house before help could arrive around 4:30 a.m. He ran and desperately beat on doors, seeking help he never received.

Instead, his run ended a little more than a mile away, when an off-duty security guard, likely in fear of his own life, shot him. Eric Howey also killed his own mother by mistake with the .40-caliber handgun he was licensed to possess"


NEWS>> "Danger in the medicine Cabinet" ( 9/2/02 )

"Teens generally get high from cough syrup because of its easy accessibility in medicine cabinets and along pharmacy aisles. Falkowski's report details instances of some students for about $5 purchasing pills containing DXM powder that had been extracted from cough syrup."


NEWS>> "Abuse of Cough Syrup Poses Fatal Risk" ( 9/9/02 )

"It�s cheap, it�s readily available and it�s legal. That�s why teens turn to dextromethorphan (DXM), an ingredient found in cough suppressants, to get high. But misuse of DXM is potentially deadly.

Experts believe abuse of DXM is rising among adolescents, but reported cases are sporadic."


NEWS>> Investigating death of two kids ( 9/9/02 )

"The children died in their Aurora home Aug. 8 some time after their father tucked them in for a nap. Police believe an overdose of cough syrup - specifically the active chemical dextromethorphan - is the leading explanation for the children's deaths, sources familiar with the investigation said."


>>Dr. Shulgin Article in "Wired" - Sept. 2002<<

"Professor X" by Ethan Brown, Wired Magazine September 2002

"Alexander Shulgin made millions for Dow Chemical. Then he synthesized MDMA, realized his best test subject was himself, and became the godfather of Generation Ecstacy."

"Now he's back inside his private lab, running a new batch of psychedelic compounds through his chromatograph."



The DXM Zine v11 is out!!!

View it here!!!!

NEWS>> Disappointing Trial Data ( 6/24/02 )

'Shares of Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc. (ENDP) slumped Monday after the company said late-stage test results from its morphine drug combination MorphiDex were "disappointing."'

"Endo said the primary goal of the study was to demonstrate that the average daily dose of morphine needed for pain control when given in combination with receptor antagonist dextromethorphan is less than the dose needed with morphine alone."


>>Meditation for Dexers<<

Into energy? Ever meditate? Here is a great meditation method developed by dexers for the sacramental journey. Includes 15 minutes of high-quality audio and complete instructions on how to enhance your DXM experience with Kundalini energy.      try it

NEWS>>Cough syrup sales might reveal anthrax outbreak!

Monitoring the sales of common drugs like aspirin or cough syrup might tell authorities when an anthrax attack is in progress, say US scientists.


     >>Government LSD Experimentation Clips<<

Armor for the Inner Man

Space Cadet

>>MC Chris<<

This song is funny as hell:

MC Chris - Robotussin.mp3


OLD NEWS>> Man On DXM Shot By Police ( 7/26/98 )

New Zealand:

A 20 year old was shot three times after the alleged abduction of a woman from her own home (he lived).

It was later found that the man was on DXM. It was the first time the National Drug Intelligence Bureau has heard of DXM abuse in New Zealand. Ministry of Health Senior Advisor Dr Bob Boyd says health officials, Police and Customs are now working to find out where it came from.


OPINION>> Fear and Loathing in Afghanistan?

Johnny Depp's Solution for terrorism:

"They should have saturated Afghanistan with liquid LSD & got everybody goofed out of their minds" "Then they should have sent the military dressed as Teletubbies. They would have cleared right out. Bin Laden would have been in a blonde wig & eight-inch-heels, singing, 'These Boots Are Made for Walking'."

- From Rolling Stone, page 12 - March 28

Christina Ricci a Dexer??

October 31, 2000
"It was OK when she wasn't drunk on the set. I think she's an alcoholic -- it was either that, or she was on cough syrup the whole time," Gallo allegedly said about Ricci.


OLD NEWS>> Good News for Idaho potheads

In January a 3 judge panel of the San Francisco-based 9th circuit US Court of Appeals ruled that marijuana users can legally drive in Idaho as long as they can pass a field sobriety test.

- From High Times, page 12 - May 2002

NEWS>> Boy Kills Dog While on DXM ( 3/13/02 )

Ever since the bloody parts of a dog were found in Romulus High School last October, police and school authorities have been keeping an eye on a 16-year-old boy whose writings and drawings were disturbing. "..."I got high off cough medicine and weed," the boy wrote in his statement to police.


NEWS>> Latest designer drug - Foxy - found in Norfolk ( 3/15/02 )

Three men were arrested this week on federal charges of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute the drug. The men also were accused of distributing another new designer drug, AMT. Foxy, also known as ``Foxy Methoxy,'' and AMT are hallucinogens closely associated with Ecstasy, another designer or ``club'' drug that has been around for more than a decade.


OLDER NEWS>> Agent Lemon Extraction without the Extraction

Three Allen Hall residents found themselves admitted into the hospital Saturday morning after drinking a mixture of Robitussin cough syrup, ammonia and lighter fluid.


NEWS>> Two males arrested on retail theft charges ( 3/16/02 )

A 21-year-old man and 17-year-old male juvenile were arrested on charges of retail theft and possession of cocaine Thursday night following an incident at Wal-Mart, U.S. 1 South, the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said.

Wal-Mart security personnel saw them two put bottles of non-prescription medicine and a box of condoms in the front of their pants, a deputy's report said.


NEWS>> New, Legal Plant Hallucinogen Moves To Market ( 3/11/02 )

"Internet sites around the world hawk the herb as 'legal ecstasy,' boast of its wild popularity on the streets of New York's Greenwich Village and encourage would-be buyers to experience a Salvia trip before authorities declare it illegal." - article thinking it just discovered salvia.


NEWS>> Raver Madness ( 3/12/02 )

' Diaz moves on to a bottle of Robitussin, describing how thousands of kids are now chugging entire bottles of cough syrup when they're short the $25 needed for a hit of Ecstasy. "It has MDA in it," he says -- falsely -- as a woman looks on with a horrified expression. He taps the bottle's label: "See, cherry flavor. It tastes like candy. They like that." '


NEWS>> Raid a house, kick a dog, plug a suspect ( 2/22/02 )

According to the suit, "black-masked, black-helmeted men brandishing automatic weapons and wearing all-black uniforms with no insignias suddenly burst into the house unannounced, kicked the family's dog across the floor, ordered the entire family to 'get on the [expletive] floor,' held them at gunpoint, searched the house, found no drugs or contraband, but nevertheless carted off the family's two sons, Dave and Marcos, and imprisoned them illegally and without charges."


     NEWS>> Coricidin ( 2/27/02 )

News report all about coricidin, and DXM.

Real Media Stream>>

    NEWS>> Pills latest drug buzz ( 2/27/02 )

Article all about coricidin


    NEWS>> Drug traffickers' Internet use rises ( 2/27/02 )

Report says they are making deals, tracking cargo, sharing recipes on the net...


    NEWS>>Anti-War on Drugs newspaper ads ( 2/26/02 )

The Libertarian Party has launched a provocative advertising campaign that accuses Drug Czar John Walters and other pro-War on Drugs politicians of financially aiding terrorism.
The full-page ads, a parody of an ongoing Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) advertising campaign, appear Tuesday in USA Today and the Washington Times.


    NEWS>> Medicine sale limits explored ( 2/23/02 )

Methamphetamine makers would have a little harder time acquiring a key ingredient for the illegal drug under a bill considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee. (this would allow them to limit sales of pseudoephedrine products and deny its sale if they supects its for drug use. Wonder how long it would take for it to apply to dxm also?)


Help tell the truth about the War on Drugs and terrorism!

Help the Libertarian Party post an ad in the USA Today and Washington Times that tells everyone that the War on Drugs CAUSES the very problem those ads complain about.



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