Warning! DO NOT take this recreationally!

The chloropheniramine maleate (CPM) has been know to cause deaths and comas when taken in large amounts. Many people have an allergic reaction to this antihistamine, and bad things happen in large amounts. This became popular because it was alot easier to do instead of downing some cough syrup. It is HIGHLY ADVISED that you avoid taking this product recreationally.

The Bad News On Dissociatives... - Olney's Lesions

In theory Olney's lesions are small holes in specific areas of the brain due to extensive use of dissociative drugs like, DXM, PCP, Ketamine, Nitrous Oxide, and others. An overview of this document:

• Dissociatives definitely cause brain damage if used heavily. One sub-anaesthetic "line dose" of ketamine, an equivalent dose of PCP, or a third plateau DXM dose, is probably at least as damaging to your brain as a few day "bender" on hard liquor, and possibly more so because it affects specific areas of the brain.

• The risk of brain damage is worse the longer you stay high at any given time; constant moderate-dose use is probably just as damaging as a brief, high-dose use.

• Reaching the anaesthetic level is exceedingly hard on your brain (4th Plateau).

• Ketamine is probably the least harmful, PCP the most, and DXM somewhere in the middle, but this is a rough guesstimate. Nitrous oxide is brief acting, but it too may be dangerous; it is also known to damage both central and peripheral nerves by depleting vitamin B12.

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The Bad News Isn't In: A Look at Dissociative-Induced Brain Damage

This report was written by Cliff Anderson. This document points out the flaws in Whilliam White's report on Olney's Lesions. So before you start fear mongering over the lesions take a look at this document to see a different point of view.

• Read the full report here


Psychosis can happen with drugs such as dissociatives. When a psychedelic drug is taken, many chemical reactions are taking place in your brain. Sometimes on very high doses your brain cannot take anymore of it and just "snaps". After that you may come down in a hospital, or maybe even a mental ward, hence... *not fun*. This doesnt usually happen unless its a very high dosage, the person uses it regularly, and/or they have had mental problems before. Its strongly advised that when experimenting with this for the first time, or on a high dose that you have a sober friend with you.


DXM should never be taken while on medications such as MAOIs and SSRIs, this may interact with DXM to cause serotonin syndrome. This condition, although rarely fatal, is not terribly pleasant. Some of the symptoms of serotonin syndrome include muscle rigidity, confusion, diarrhea, incoordination, low-grade fever, sweating, muscle tremor, mania, agitation, exaggerated reflexes, and nausea. Some drugs to avoid taking while on DXM are:

phentermine, fenfluramine, phen-fen (diet drugs)

fluoxetine (Prozac´┐Ż, an SSRI), tricyclics and lithium (antidepressants)

• terfenadine (SeldaneTM - prescription antihistamine), & possibly other non-drowsy antihistamines, such as ClaritinTM and HisminalTM (these can cause heart irregularities)

• antidepressants Desyrel (trazodone) & Serzone (nefazodone) (Possible liver damage)

• some SSRIs such as bupropion (WellbutrinTM) can give a prolonged (3+ day) hangover.

• also, cigarette smoke might be considered an MAOI, which may increase unwanted side-effects

MDMA (extacy), while it isn't a MAOI, it should be avoided with DXM (possible heart problems)

opiates and cocaine can cause a fatal overdose when mixed with DXM.

  SKIN IRRITATION - aka "robotich"

Sometimes dextromethorphan hydrobromide can cause an unwanted side-effect of itching. This does not happen all the time, but usually happens in 1st and 2nd plateau doses. This is similar to an opiate itch, and is mostly due to a histamine reaction and possibly a skin irritation from bromide. This can be prevented by taking a normal dose of benadryl about 45 mintues prior to dosing. Also this usually does not happen with another form of DXM called Dextromethorphan Citrate, which is the output of Agent Lemon. If you do get this, scratching wont help, sometimes a cold shower can help, because heat is usually associated with the irritation.

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