The DXM Meditation Method by Vaesolis

Hello fellow spirit-travellers!

I’d like to share with you all a meditation method that, when practiced on DXM can cause some pretty amazing effects. It is called ‘the Kundalini Awakening’.

The ‘Kundalini’ is known in eastern religions and in yoga to be a well of untapped, dormant energy that exists at the base of the spine, and when you are able to awaken this well of energy- your chakras charge, including your 3rd eye- and your energy will then exist in a state called Tantra. Further charging of the chakras can create amazing inner vision and out-of-body experiences, even when practicing the meditation without the aid of an entheogenic sacrament (without drugs).

Our method is based on 3 stages of Osho’s audio meditation by Deuter. For our first practice, we will use Stage 1 of the Osho series, and we will add to it the Cybershaman noise generator audio (download here), which helps produce theta brainwaves. This combination increases the 2 main effects of DXM: the ‘body’ feeling (which makes us want to dance, jump, walk), and the visual aspect (where the 3rd eye is what is responsible for mindsight and closed-eye visuals). If you practice this meditation at around the 1 hour mark after dosing DXM, I guarantee you that your trip will be enhanced- perhaps even dramatically or to a divine spiritual level.

Stage 1

1. Download Osho Kundalini Meditation Stage 1 here - this is a music mp3 file, with 15 minutes of high-quality audio. The file size is not bad at 13.5mb, which should take most dial-up users about an hour or so to d/l.

2. Open your cybershaman audio program and go to presets> spiritual awakening. Don’t start your mp3 yet - hold on!

3. Dim the lights in your room to near darkness, leaving just enough light to see. With your cybershaman feed playing, lay down on your bed or on a comfortable floor. Spread you legs so they are about a foot apart, and place your arms at your side leaving space between your arms and your body. Separate your fingers slightly. Begin taking long, slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth (a good rule of thumb is to count 8 seconds for the inhale, hold for a 2 count, and exhale 10 seconds). Listen to the energy sound emanating from the Cybershaman, feel the energy tingling in your body. Imagine as you take each breath that you inhale, you are drawing in positive, healing energy..and when you exhale, you are discharging all the negative energy that is built up. You may begin hearing tones or a ringing in the ears. If so, try to allow the pitch of the tones to rise until they are no longer noticeable. Do this for about 10 minutes, breathing in and out and charging your mind and aura to the sound of the Cybershaman. You will become very relaxed, but your aura will now be charged. You may feel tingling and vibrations all over your body. Try to control these vibrations- and imagine that you are drawing up energy that flows in through your feet, coils up the body and out through the top of your head. Try to feel the vibrations from head-to-toe.

4. Turn on your mp3 and lay back down (you may need to adjust your sound settings so that the mp3 volume doesn’t overpower the Cybershaman. I know that if using windows media player, it’s best to turn the mp3 almost all the way down, and your speakers up so the music is the same volume as the Cybershaman. Play with it beforehand to get it ready. Now that your aura is charged, it is time to attempt the beginning of Kundalini awakening. Listen to this hand-made tibetan instrumental. The ‘dancing particles of sound’ you hear represent the energy particles in your aura, which when tuned in to these tones will help unlock the hidden Kundalini. As you listen, you will feel the energy particles twisting and coiling through your body- especially in your stomach and abdomen. Imagine where the base of the spine is-right between your legs, this is where this untapped energy exists. Feel your energy loosen-up as it mixes and flows with the sounds you are hearing, and imagine a point of light, what you might imagine a star being born to look like, opening up and releasing the energy trapped at the base of your spine. The Kundalini is named for the serpent, which coils. This kundalini energy will emit from the base, coiling it’s way up the spine like a snake, activating each chakra along it’s way. This first stage of Kundalini awakening focuses on charging the first 3 chakras- the base chakra (Muladhara), the sacral chakra (Svadishana), and the solar plexus chakra (Manipura) (See Understanding the Chakras). The bulk of the energy you will feel being stimulated during this stage of our meditation will be concentrated in these 3 areas.

Stage 2

1. Download Osho Kundalini Awakening Stage 2 here. Continue playing your Cybershaman feed in the background and follow the general meditation practiced in the first stage, but this time we will be focusing on charging the heart chakra (Anahata)

2. Continue breathing in through your nose and out the mouth. You will notice now that your breathing will decrease and your heart rate will drop. This is because you are becoming more and more relaxed, thus you will need less oxygen.

3. Bring your energy up into your chest, stimulating your heart. You may experience feelings of deep love, honesty, tenderness and compassion. Feel the chakra unfold and open like the petals of a blooming flower. Allow yourself to forgive your past indiscretions, do not let ego, guilt or self-loathing to interfere with your spiritual awakening. Imagine the energy as a swirling vortex, and cleanse the area with healing light by drawing the positive energy through your back, and expel the negative energy in a burst out your chest and into space. Know that you are loved by the Godself, the all, and everything that is. Take comfort in the fact that you are truly a being of light, transcendent and ever-powerful. Let your love shine, and feel at one with the universe.

Stage 3

1. Download Osho Kundalini Awakening Stage 3 here. Continue following the basic guidelines of drawing up energy, but this time we will be focusing charging the top 3 chakras: the throat chakra (Visuddha), the third eye or forehead chakra (Ajna), and the crown chakra (Sahasrara), which emanates out the top of the head.

2. Focus as much of the energy you are feeling now to the throat area. You may encounter an urge toward self-expression through creativity. Understand your ability to create beauty and poetic thought. This is an essential practice for those who find themselves their own worst critic. Know yourself, and be comfortable with your talents and your ability to create.

3. Bring now this energy to the to the third eye, the chakra that lies in the middle of your forehead just above your common visual field. It is responsible for displaying dreams, hyperdimensional mindsight, and cev’s. Imagine a bright, brilliant white light above. This is the true light of the Creator of the All. As part of the Creator and everything that is, this light belongs to you, as a part of you, as you are a part of it. See the light grow brighter and brighter and bask in it’s soothing glow. It may become so brilliant and so overwhelming, it may baffle you. This is common, just try to focus on it as much as possible. Soon images will appear, otherworldly sights that may seem to defy the laws of 3-dimensional space. Some may even call this 4-d sight. These images can appear so incredibly life-like, one might describe them as “more real than real”. This is a truly extrordinary phenomenon, allowing your consciousness to “break through to the other side”. Focus on the imagery you are experiencing, explore and explore some more. The beauty and awe inspiring visions may make you not ever want to return to the drab world we experience during day-to-day life!

4. Allow the flow of energy to escape out the crown chakra, right out the top of your head. See the brilliant, shimmering light in whites, golds and eventually spanning the whole spectrum of colours. Once the crown chakra is activated, feel the entire aural system become a thing of perfection and beauty. You are truly a being of pure energy, and understand that in the realms that lie beyond, the should of flesh that is worn on this earth is merely a vessel, and is no longer needed.

Astral Projection

Now that your chakras are charged and your energy is flowing, use mindsight to view the astral plane. Once you see the astral plane, you can try to move your energy there by attempting an obe (out-of-body experience). The most popular methods for attempting obe are to either lift out by directing your energy upwards, as if there were a giant magnet on the ceiling attracting the energy from your body, or the roll-out method- where since your energy is already flowing in a circular motion like a whirlpool or vortex, you use that motion to roll the spirit out of your body. Once you have disconnected the spirit from the host, explore and travel freely, experience many great adventures, and above all- learn new things-understand-know.

Vaesolis ~spirit-fly~