DXM is short for Dextromethorphan. In small amounts its a very effective cough suppressant, but in large amounts it is a very powerful dissociative drug. Keep in mind that codine and other opiates suppress coughs too, they would just be abused even more than dxm if they were used in cough medicines. It is found in many over-the-counter cough medicines, and the psychedelic effects begin somewhere over 120mg, but becomes toxic around 20-30 mg/kg. This drug has been used for recreational purposes for around 30 years. When taken recreationally the "trip" usually lasts around 5-6 hours. Thats including the come-up, peak and come-down.


Also, most people who take it expirence an "afterglow" the next day which is the slight after-effects of the drug. The feeling of an afterglow is hard to explain, because you can usually definately tell its there, and yet you can usually do everything normally, and its hardly noticable. The afterglow isnt usually very strong but can vary on the person's metabolism, and their dosage and weight.


This drug is mildly addictive, but usually only mentally. Some users say it can become physically addictive after prolonged daily/semi-daily use. This drug can be fairly safe for recreational use, if used responsibly. For more info on the bad effects of this drug see: Warnings.


Some people have different reactions to DXM, it depends on the person. Two people might take the same dose according to their weight, and one guy might be like "Damn I was fucked up!", and the other guy could be like "Dude, that stuff got me thinking about my life", it all depends on the person.

Smoking DXM:

Dextromethorphan reacts with oxygen at room temperature, though not at any appreciable rate. However, at 395-397 Kelvin, Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide's melting point, this changes and Dextromethorphan reacts with oxygen to produce some very toxic chemicals. Free ("freebase") Dextromethorphan will also react with oxygen at its melting point. Anyone attempting to smoke Dextromethorphan in the presence of oxygen under normal atmospheric conditions will only end up inhaling nasty compounds such as nitric oxide and the organic products of combustion. This information is easily verified by looking at a Material Safety Data Sheet for this substance. Dextromethorphan reacts rapidly with oxygen at temperatures above 360 Kelvin. It is in everyone's best interest to know that Dextromethorphan is not "smokeable".


Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide: This is what you get when you react DXM with hydrobromic acid. This is what is most commonly used for cough suppressants and for recreational use. This produces different effects on different doses. We refer to them as plateaus, and there are 4 of them.


Dextromethorphan Polistirex: This is another form of DXM that is time-released. It basically has a edible plastic around some of the DXM. This is used in some cough medicines, so when some of the DXM has worn off, then some more will kick in. This is usually not the preferred type of DXM to use recreationally, because it usually takes longer for it to kick in, and it sometimes is not as strong.


DXM has notably different effects at different dosage levels. There are 4 distinctive levels, and we call these levels "plateaus". Most recreational use happens during the first and second plateau. Doses are measured in mg/kg or milligrams per kilogram. So to find your dosage take your weight in kg (pounds divided by 2.2), and then divide it by how many total milligrams your taking. It is hard to describe how any of these plateaus feel, because DXM is one of those things you have to experience to know.


• 1st Plateau: 1.5-2.5 mg/kg This is the weakest level. This feels slightly intoxicating, a little light headed. Some music euphoria is noticable

• 2nd Plateau: 2.5-7.5 mg/kg This level is often compared to being stoned and drunk at the sametime. When this might seem true, there is also a noticably strong "mental" high also. You can have trouble talking with slurring, and can have a hard time carrying on an indepth conversation, because your short-term memory can be temporarily impared. And occasionally you can have mild hallucinations.

• 3rd Plateau: 7.5-15 mg/kg This level has strong intoxications and hallucinations. Things can become very confusing as your thinking processes are disturbed. You can sometimes daze-off into your own world, and get lost in your own mind. Trips in this plateau can sometimes be unpleasant.

• 4th Plateau: +15 mg/kg This is the strongest level. This is a sub-anesthetic dose, and can be compared to a high dose of Ketamine. Your mind and body become seperated at this level and it can become dangerous psychologically, and physically. Personally I say that you should never have to go this high, it can be very dangerous. But whatever you do, NEVER go past 20 mg/kg (about 2000mg for a 220lb person), this can become very toxic and kill you.

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Written by AmadeusX

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