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Default 09-20-2009, 05:53 PM

Originally Posted by MurMuroTicJeSuS View Post
i wonder if this guy posted on the dv. bleenko? lol. sorry yeah this is fucked.

Uhhhh I don't think it was Bleenko. But I do remember a guy named Christopher and he became super religious and like crazy on the boards....I think he was friends with Cliff?

This dude was here I believe....

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Default 09-21-2009, 12:34 AM

Originally Posted by Polly Eye View Post
I'm sorry for the profanity but...

I wonder what other drugs were in his system that they didn't test for... Anti-depressants? Anti-psychotics? You know the ones the dr's hand out like candy with little or no knowledge of what they truly do and long term effects, but don't worry they have the drug companies to back them up. Who would they blame if he had a psychotic break sober? Or Drunk? Prohibition anyone?

As for him joining the DV, I don't think hes getting sent to a white collar prison, so perhaps in about 2 consecutive lifetimes.
Boy you really wanted to rant about the big bad drug companies.

Just because this is the dextroverse doesn't mean we should ignore that this sort of shit can happen to certain individuals with DXM.

This man appears to have some sort of psychosis, and with anti-psychotics he wouldn't have been psychotic and with anti-depressants he would probably suffer serotonin syndrome in combination with DXM rather than a murder spree.

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Default 09-21-2009, 08:34 AM

wtf your right what was his name? dark pheonix???

anyone remember that guy? did he look like this?

EDIT: i found our christopher and hes older than that guy.

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