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Children's Deaths Lead To FDA Hearing On, Cough Medication's Efficacy in Children
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Posted: Oct 28 2007, 07:42 AM

Third Plateau

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QUOTE (The Onyxmizer @ Oct 19 2007, 04:55 PM)
I think this is going to be the final straw for the FDA to pull DXM. Now they could just add it to the warning due to the apparent infrequency, but this still doesn't look god for us.


No, if anything, just instruct parents (you know, maybe with a warning label) to NOT GIVE DRUGS TO BABIES.

Oh wait, they're doing that now

"In August, federal health officials recommended the "consult your physician" advice to parents on the labels of cold and cough medicines aimed at young children be replaced by a warning not to use the medications in children under 2 unless directed to do so by a health care provider.

I don't know. I don't plan on having kids, but if I had an infant, especially knowing what I know about DXM and other OTC drugs, I wouldn't put that shit in them. Not unless maybe a doctor prescribed them something because they were really fucked up somehow.

""The universe is shaped exactly like the Earth: If you go straight long enough you end up where you were"" - Isaac Brock

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