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Allen J
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Default 07-19-2007, 05:15 AM

Originally posted by n__u@Jul 19 2007, 04:13 AM
Lick my ballz. Like this: :P
Just go easy on the water. I'm sick of seeing you back in rehab
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Default 07-23-2007, 07:44 PM

Made me think of this image I did awhile back:

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Default 07-24-2007, 10:39 AM

She just got busted for driving drunk again last night. So I would say she is in some serious trouble now.

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Default 07-24-2007, 06:45 PM

Originally posted by JiMiTHiNG@Jul 24 2007, 06:39 AM
She just got busted for driving drunk again last night. So I would say she is in some serious trouble now.
She was busted with driving under the influence (2nd offense to date) and ALSO with one count, possession of a controlled substance.

the substance being cocaine.

for the rest of us that would almost ruin your life, for her being a celebrety, its still going to SUCK ASS.

BIG mistake. I hear she was chasing her mother's PR (public relations) manager late at night by car. She became concerned, not knowing it was lindsay and the women called it in to the police and lohan was pulled over a couple blocks before the station was up.

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Default 08-29-2007, 05:05 AM

I feel for Lindsay...I know what it's like to be an addict and to be in a state of constant chaos. If I had the money she has, I can't even imagine the amounts of drugs I'd have around. I do however find it amusing that she tripped on CCC while in rehab.

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