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Default 11-26-2003, 04:06 PM

Four expelled from alternative school
by: Trent Knuckles

Four Williamsburg Alternative School students were briefly
hospitalized Nov. 5 after taking some sort of homemade stimulant.
School Director Bill Perkins said the incident happened after an
adult student brought 10 capsules to the school and attempted to sell
them. One of the students took only a single pill. Two more swallowed a
pair of the pills.
"This is the first time anything like this has happened to us since
I've been here," Perkins said. "We try to take every precaution in the
world. One thing we do at the Alternative School is check our kids for
illegal contraband, tobacco products, etc., but they always have ways
of slipping them in."
According to school officials, "some college students" purchased the
ingredients over the internet and combined them into capsule form, and
gave them to the student who brought them to the Alternative School.
Perkins said the students called the pills DEX.
District Superintendent Denny Byrd said the pills were a mixture of
two over-the-counter drugs that one of the students obtained from a
store where he worked after school.
"They weren't lethal drugs or anything," Byrd said. "As a
precautionary measure, we had the nurse there and sent them to the hospital to
get them checked."
All the students were taken to Jellico Memorial Hospital but were
released shortly thereafter. Whitley County EMS dispatched an ambulance
to the school just after 2:30 p.m. and, according to EMS records,
transported one student to the hospital. Perkins said that student had
experience some discomfort due to an increased heart rate.
At the last regular meeting of the Williamsburg School Board Nov.
11, the three students that took the pills were expelled for the rest of
the semester. The student that brought the drugs school was expelled
for the remainder of the school year.
"For us, it's serious because we will not tolerate any drugs. We are
sending a message out," Byrd said.
Williamsburg police located all the remaining pills and Perkins said
the case was turned over to the department. He did not know if any
legal action had been taken.

©2003 by Whitley RepublicanCorbin News Journal
Published November 19, 2003

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Default 11-27-2003, 01:00 PM

homemade stimulant
Hmm... methamphetamine?

[QUOTE]According to school officials, "some college students" purchased the
ingredients over the internet and combined them into capsule form, QUOTE]
This seems to imply more than one ingredient...

were a mixture of
two over-the-counter drugs that one of the students obtained from a
store where he worked after school.
What could the other drug be, and was it purchased OTC or online?

I think its safe to assume that these caps contained Dextromethorphan, but what kind of an asshole cuts their DXM with other drugs, and sells it at school?

If Trent Knuckles was here right now I would have to slap him for writing one of the most confusing and misinformed articles I've ever read.

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Default 11-28-2003, 06:51 PM

Allow me to explain. I am friends with the people involved.

Yeah, the article is fucked up. Most of the facts are wrong, but it was on dxm so anyway.

"homemade stimulant" - yeah beats me what he meant

"combined into capsule form" - again, no... it was pure dxm... no clue why he wrote that.

"mixture of two OTC drugs" - once more... NO... it was pure dxm! i don't know where he came up with the second substance theory...

On a funny note, Supernaut... you are right about Trent Knuckles.... he was the sports editor for the local paper until last week, when he took over as the news editor... this being one of his first stories... maybe he should stick to sports, although he wasn't very good at that either.

To clear up the facts, one of my friends gave a couple dxm pills to a couple of his co-workers to try out. The dumbass he gave them to gave them to his younger brother who then went and sold them at school, where some idiots who knew nothing about dxm took about 800mg's. Needless to say, a high school girl on 800 mg for the first trip... at school, i'm sure they were tripping balls. Bad situation, but I blame my friend for being overly-trusting of his co-worker that he had only known a week.
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Default 11-29-2003, 12:51 AM fucked up... dexxing in school! way to go! w00t w00t! dude, i'm laughing my ass off at how stupid those ppl are.. dex is safe enough, especially the way they was taking i dont think that 2 caps, even the biggest size would be an OD.

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