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Default 01-19-2006, 06:08 PM

Originally posted by darklife@Jan 19 2006, 07:29 AM
I nick robo quite a lot lately. I hope they don't start putting alarm devices on the stuff around here. It's a little town and I'm probably the only one who steals this stuff around here except a friend of mine which no longer does. If the robo boxes are sealed shut then they can't put the alarm things on the inside right? They'd have to open them and glue them back shut which I think violates some kind of law on the stores part. So the alarm things have to be on the outside of the boxes so it wouldn't be hard to spot them right? If I were to look the box over first to make sure they didn't put some security thing on it then I should be safe I'm guessing. To be extra safe I could just buy one first, check the box over and if it doesn't have a security thing then nick the next one.
Oh and stealing is bad, don't do it kids :P
Benzedrex boxes have the security alarms in them. Perhaps the chains have deals with the suppliers where they put in custom security devices.

Hah, and I had a crumpled up benzedrex box a while back and walked through best buy (I bought it at CVS) and the Besy Buy alarm kept going off. I forgot I actually had it, so I was emptying my pockets and eventually they said just go in.

It was strange until I realized I found the box and security device.

---Lost in action---
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