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Default 07-05-2010, 07:26 PM

Originally Posted by bay_Inaudible View Post
I've never taken CCC's, i only do syrup. The image of pills just doesn't appeal to me, and i feel like im drinking some sort of magic potion with the syrup.

I know that help with powder is against the rules, but i just have a question about it. Do most vendors require you to actually contact them and explain why you are ordering their product, or request some sort of identification?
Again i am not asking for references just faq.
I think this would be more a thing with legitimate lab suppliers, I don't know because I've never ordered DXM powder. Any RC I've ordered I didn't need any explanation, but one time I ordered a substance using an "obvious" email (hollowhippie) and was denied. Almost had a gram of 2C-I, damn...

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