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Default 05-19-2010, 11:14 PM

Oh great, that's all we need; more attention on DXM. No one would make it illegal so far because it has no real alternative except codeine, and it was always sort of underground. If it suddenly explodes into popularity and becomes the next LSD, the next widespread spiritual craze, it WILL be banned. They'll be forced to ban it because millions of stupid n00bs, retards, high-school party-kids and retarded college freshman looking to get fucked up and/or "find God" will OD on it, or just make asses out of themselves in public and blame the drug instead of their own stupidity. And of course the media will play up the bad aspects because that's what gets ratings from the stupid frumpy-ass old people that never leave their living rooms and live on the "information" that the news tells them, actually believing what the idiot box tells them.

It won't be the DXM Revolution, it will be the DXM Crucifixion, just like what happened to acid in the 60's. ESPECIALLY since the entire idea that sets it apart is that DXM causes some sort of "paranormal activity," but NO ONE ON THIS PLANET actually has the ability to measure this type of shit. You'll just end up seeing videos on TV and YouTube of people sitting around in circles slobbering on themselves and babbling, with some "scientists" rambling about how the brainwaves they are measuring are slightly different somehow, which none of the retard laymen that comprise 80% of our primitive society will ever believe anyway.

It's a lost cause, and will only result in the death our whole little subculture here. Much better to stay in the dark.

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