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Originally Posted by Walkaway View Post
If we keep DXM away from idiots, how will it fulfill its role in assisting humankind's ascendance to the next vibrational frequency?
If we keep DXM away from idiots, they will be forced to evolve creative means of obtaining it. Evolutionary biologists project that one or more of these adaptations may be likely:
  • Reading the DXM FAQ and other material
  • Consuming the urine of users to obtain DXO (this may start a new porn craze)
  • Endogenous DXM-producing glands (this may start a cannibalism epidemic)

All of the above, researchers believe, could point to a disturbing future - a future where intelligent, sexually deviant, human-flesh-eating DXM-addled zombies rule the night - so it won't be too different from now.
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