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Default 04-15-2010, 05:49 PM

Not that somebody couldn't do something like this sober, but I think a lot of people have premeditated crimes, and get high before so if they get caught, they can blame it on the drugs. Then when court rolls around, they get put on probation for 2-3 years, do something similar to drug court, instead of serving 5-10 years + in prison. I've personally been in similar circumstances, not with the premeditated part though, and met quite a few people who got high before for this exact reason.

I'm not saying this applies to all people who get high and commit crimes, but at least a percentage of them do it for that exact reason.

Now I've had bon fires in safe locations while messed up(prepared them before I dosed, lit them when it kicked in)but making a Molotov cocktail while tripping, or at least throwing the damn thing while under, that must have been an experience...
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