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Default 01-19-2010, 10:36 PM

Originally Posted by Tunguska View Post
My sister got a mild buzz recently from eyeballing a sip of Delsym for her cough. It was quite funny because she tried DXM once and said she wouldn't want to do it again.
Wow, really? Was she CYP2D6 deficient or was it inhibited by other drugs? Of course there are tons of other reasons as to why she caught a buzz on only a sip. I don't doubt at all what you say by any means. How I would hate being in that percentile of people. I'm curious if people who are enzyme deficient can actually enjoy dxm and to what extent. Modification of dose? Possible? All our bodies are different so I don't know how easy that is to answer. I've never got to talk to someone in that predicament. Hmm. Just thinking aloud. =/

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