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Default 05-17-2009, 08:36 PM

I've been accepted as part of this community and it's really been lovely, life changing, and fun. $5 was all I gave but that does not translate to the support I have for this community. Once I'm a millionaire expect a large monthly donation

edit: to clarify this was a one time donation, but i'm going into work tomorrow to tell my boss i quit, and It's possible i wind up in debt as of this "private contractor" bullshit where they charge you a significantly increased tax rate. so i'm seriously poor now and thus moving back into the parents house for the summer.

I feel like i need to be healthy and not binging on drugs first so i dont burn out at work. i made ~$460 for 69 hours of pure typing (no, breaks aren't not included) as fast as i can. This job is scam for dumbass college kids (90% of employees there were attending the local university). But the owner of this "private contractor" place. . .he was making the big bucks.

Fuck capitalism.

(Yes I am fucked up as shit)
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