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Originally posted by jaytown@Apr 30 2008, 11:06 AM
I think they should take some of the dxm videos off of youtube. Just some of them, it gives people the wrong impression.
This is an interesting statement.

I don't direct this at you. Your words moved me to put this.

So maybe anyone who thinks this can see how God would like some preachers to rightly represent him, because it gives people the wrong impression (in my zeal I am guilty of this).

People can't see the good in DXM, it's clouded by misuse. People can't see the good in God, he's clouded by misrepresentation.

But like dxm, you get all or nothing. You get it for yourself, but you have to accept the ugliness that comes with it. DXM was given to all of us (I couldn't handle it), not just a strong sect of prophets who mandate rules of usage and ordinances as to what is and isn't acceptable. God is going to keep DXM here for those who are thankful for it. If anyone is not thankful, wouldn't it be right to take it as a cue that DXM is not needed? Thank God for DXM.

I'm glad God accepts me and all of my ugliness, and does not condemn me when I, in my ignorance, make God look foolish or ugly.
I'm glad those kids got to partake of DXM, something that we have all partook of, and that they have the freedom to post videos on youtube. I didn't know what DXM would do to me, I took it on faith; Neither did those kids know what DXM would do to them.

We all knew only that DXM was considered a good thing by others, and we trusted their testimony.

Andrew Ryan reminds us: We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.
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