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Originally posted by 5-MeO-ECO@Dec 30 2003, 04:22 AM
It was only a matter of time before the mainstream media, and all associated cretins, started bawling their little drug warrior eyes out over DXM and what a "terrible threat" it is.

Personally, I'm surprised the pharmaceutical industry isn't a bit more pissed off at the media for defamation of a relatively safe product (even in recreational dosages).

Now that it's all "coming out," the drug community could theoretically use this to their advantage. Of course doing so would result in a big lie. One which we would all have to play along with. That lie being that DXM is dangerous in almost any context, while the opposite is clearly true (for the time being). It probably wouldn't attract the necessary backlash for real progress, though. Still, consider it an exercise in spinning the seemingly bad to your advantage.

Try emphasizing the "Coricidin is BAD" angle with the media, and downplay other forms of DXM. The beauty of this is that it isn't really a lie. I've yet to document a death from someone taking a DXM only cough syrup. For the media, the story sells more if it is "kids are buying Coricidin at the store, and it is killing some of them!" than "some kids are getting high on cough syrup, but they just sober up afterwards and live."
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