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Talking My essay (Note: A tad long, I ramble a lot.) - 09-20-2010, 12:10 AM

Ok, I really don't wanna count out 200 words, so this may get long. Now starts my essay.

I have known about DXM for awhile, and have held a keen interest in drugs for as long as I can remember. It's always amazed me to think that the simple ingesting of a substance, whether orally, via the lungs, or nasally can change the way you perceive things so drastically. I have also always been plagued by anxieties. I must research everything before I ingest it. My favorite site of all time is erowid, I'd be lost without it. That's how I found the dextroverse. Well, I (not trying to come off as conceited, I'm aware millions know more then I ever will) honestly know more about drugs than anyone I know, due to probably tens of thousands of hours of research. I would always (and still do) look up random information about drugs on erowid and other reputable sites just for fun. Anytime someone has a drug related question, especially about drug safety, They come to me. And I don't give them an answer unless I'm 100% positive, and if I'm not, I look, and I make sure the answer is right. I seem to be rambling, I apologize, I'm a tad messed up right now. That was just some background info on me. In fact, I don't wanna skimp on the essay (I love creativity) I'll actually start the essay here.

Well, after being busted for a minor marijuana possession charge, I was placed on supervised probation. Well, I looked up some information about DXM, and decided the benefits outweighed the risks, so I got a bottle of Robitussin Cough Gels. I knew it was a good high and legal, not tested for by the courts. But after my first time, it became so much more than just a cheap high. I remember sitting there staring at the stars, more gone then I'd ever been. Yet, after experimenting with it multiple times, I began to realize the impact this drug could have on psychonautics. For those who don't know, a psychonaut is basically one who takes psychoactive drugs and chemicals to explore the depths of the human consciousness. While on DXM I felt such deep inner thinking, it was odd. I didn't even take the "spiritual" doses. At 140 lbs I took 300-600 mg's. Mostly 300. 600 mg's all at once I did one time. And I spaced out 600 mg's over a few hours, a bottle of syrup and then a bottle of cough gels a few hours later. I was disappointed by the latter towards the end of the trip. and the 600 mg's at once was very terrifying. Yet my keen interest in DXM is that I believe it has effects that can help us all open our minds to levels never before possible. I believe DXM could be medically used for so much more than a mere cough suppressant. I think that it could treat depression, psychological disorders, alcoholism, and other drug dependence. Everyone looks at the idiots who die on Triple C's and blame it on the thing that causes the trip. Dex is very safe compared to other drugs, dissociatives like PCP and Ketamine, get outta here. Yet because people use it to get high, they view it as evil.

I wanted to join the Dextroverse to see what all I could learn about Dex. As I stated above, I'm very interested in any type of drug, even if I'd never do it, I still love to learn about them. I believe that sites like this help to ensure safe, smart use of a wonderful psychoactive substance. Maybe the sites don't promote the drug, but they give valuable information. I also would like to know of some of the experiences others have had with DXM, and I'm sure there is somewhere around the forum to view those. As a conclusion I'd just like to mention that I don't advocate the use of hard drugs, yet I'm a believer in doing what you want, because you doing it doesn't hurt me. I'm a real laid back guy, don't sweat the small stuff. Overall, I'm a real nice guy who believes in freedom of person, and the ability to do whatever you wish to your body, because it's just that.... YOUR body. Not mine.

I just killed a bit for the first time in awhile, so I'm quite sociable. But I hope you liked the essay, and I bid you a good day.
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Default 09-20-2010, 12:12 AM

Damn, I don't know if that's quite long enough, if someone wants me to re-write it or add on lemme know.
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