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Required Introduction For Registration
Required Essay Topics:

Why do you want to join the DV?
What is your interest in DXM?
A Minimum of 200 words

BOTH Must Be Completed to Finish Registration

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Default Whooaa Finally - 05-31-2010, 12:53 AM

Hello to all, First off let me say I am not new to the dxm experience. My first trip came when my brother and his friends had continually talked of these triple c pills. They were always taking them and having fun tripping out together. But I was the older brother, more experienced in my drug usage and the stereotypical "man" in the eyes of my brother and his friends. I had recently had a horrible break up with my girlfriend and had all my closest friends leave my side through means not under my control. Basically I was alone. From the top to the bottom. The deepest of depression set in. For months all I did was think about what had happened. My mother had been trying to get me out of this funk, but she didn't know how my drug usage had been a two sided affair. Yeah it was fun and everyone loved doing it but i secretly had a second agenda. The drugs dumbed down these tiny thoughts i had in the back of my head. Thoughts of not knowing who i was, thoughts of hating myself, not knowing what the future would hold, never content with anything, etc. but that was on the inside. I decided to try these "stupid little red pills" that had dxm as a main ingredient in them. I took 8 the first time and i felt like everything was 2 seconds behind. the next day i took 14 and had a magical experience that was unlike anything i had experienced before. It cleared my mind, i felt like I had just put everything in perspective and it was great. Although i had reserves about these pills I kept taking them and everything in my life seemed to be turning around. I found a new job, got a new car and even moved to a new town(a high class town i might add) but then my skin started to get really dry and my tongue had a white film on it. I discovered the anti-histamine in the CCC pills had been causing this. So I stopped taking them for health and appearance reasons. I want to join the DV because i have a vested interest in pure dxm experiences and i want to meet other people who have a similar interest. i know the CCC pills are really bad but other people might know other ways to use dxm without those nasty anti-histamine side-effects. I would also like to communicate and share my experiences with others who have similar intrests and who can hold a decently intelligent conversation ( i know some dxm heads who are just blank sheets of paper to talk to)
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Default 05-31-2010, 02:06 AM

2 problems:
1. you say " i have a vested interest in pure dxm experiences"

What exactly do you mean by this? We specifically do not allow our members to discuss where to get any drugs including pure dxm powder. If that is your intention, stop the registration process now.

2. Besides the above, you did not discuss your interest in dxm which is a requirement for this essay.

Address these problems and we'll get you all set up.

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