The Dextroverse

Required Introduction For Registration
Required Essay Topics:

Why do you want to join the DV?
What is your interest in DXM?
A Minimum of 200 words

BOTH Must Be Completed to Finish Registration

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Default dxm - 05-22-2010, 06:42 PM

hey whats up everyone im ashley im from poky idaho and i am new to this site and i was jus lookin up shiit for DXM n found this lol..i have tripped like 10 times and the first time was absolutely horrible haha cuzz i didnt know what to expect at all the next time was the best ever..i wanna start goin for the third n fourth plateaus fer sher..cuzz i love DEXTRO it has made me have a better understanding of my self you have no idea..and there r way more fun with it to come indeed! basicly idk what to say on here jus tryin to get my love for dxm out haa! feel free to look at my profile n more..ttyl fellow comrades
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Default 05-22-2010, 11:37 PM

200 words are required. Feel free to make another post expanding on your previous one so the combined total is 200 words or more. Also, why do you want to join the DV?

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