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Default 01-05-2008, 08:00 AM

The Nebraska Supreme Court Friday rejected the appeals of two convicted killers from Wisconsin who argued that their life prison sentences were excessive for killing a Cass County farm couple in 2006.

Last March, Cass County District Judge Randall Rehmeier sentenced Gregory Fester, now 20, and his former girlfriend, Jessica Reid, now 18, to consecutive life terms in the April 17, 2006, slayings of Wayne and Sharmon Stock of Murdock, Neb.

In its ruling, the high court agreed that Fester's sentence was appropriate.

"Without provocation or justification, two innocent people were callously murdered in the solitude and sanctity of their own home," the high court stated. "Any lesser sentence under these circumstances, even when considering the mitigating factors urged by Fester, would diminish the seriousness of this crime and promote disrespect for the law."

Two days after leaving Wisconsin to go on a cross-country crime spree, Fester and Reid arrived in Murdock. Armed with two shotguns, they broke into the Stocks' home.

During a confrontation, Fester fired a shot that hit Wayne Stock in the knee, and a struggle ensued. Fester told Reid "to do something." She fired toward Wayne Stock, according to court documents. She later told police she shot him.

Fester then shot Wayne Stock in the back of the head, killing him. Then Fester shot Sharmon Stock in the face, killing her.

During a pre-sentence investigation, Fester told a probation officer that he and Reid "really didn't need any money. We were just there for the thrill, I guess."

Court documents show Fester had a history of substance abuse, including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and dextromethorphan, a drug found in many nonprescription cough syrups, tablets and gel caps. When abused in large amounts, it can produce a "high" feeling as well as a number of dangerous side effects.

Fester also had a criminal history that included sexual assault, criminal damage to property and theft, the court noted.

"Fester nonetheless argues that his sentences were excessive," the Supreme Court stated. "Fester contends that the district court failed to properly consider, as a mitigating factor, his acceptance of responsibility for the crime and his admission of guilt."

Fester also tried to argue that the judge did not weigh his age, history of mental illness, use of drugs before the crime and the fact that he has a 2-year-old child.

Reid's appeal argued that she did not have a prior serious criminal history, that Fester committed both murders and that she helped exonerate two innocent men jailed for the same crimes.

"Contrary to Reid's arguments on appeal, the record shows that in police interviews, Reid specifically stated that she had shot Wayne Stock directly above his right eye with the .410-shotgun and that she believed she killed him before Fester shot him," the high court stated.
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Default 01-06-2008, 06:19 AM

Originally posted by drdĒv€@Jan 5 2008, 08:00 AM
Fester also tried to argue that the judge did not weigh his age, history of mental illness, use of drugs before the crime and the fact that he has a 2-year-old child.

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