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Default Don't Xtricate Me - 09-20-2010, 12:10 AM

I've always been most intrigued by dissociatives, more than by any other drug. DXM has always been a private thing for me, though; something I don't talk to my friends about for the most part. I'd like to compare my experiences with other people's without having to worry about the social ramifications of talking about something weird like taking twenty doses of cough syrup.
As for my interest in DXM, well... I like how it puts me in a position of observation into my desires and impulses. I don't usually take massive doses, preferring to keep it at a manageable level. At my typical dosage, it breaks down the barriers that keep me from being able to quiet my mind. I use it as a meditation tool, for the most part... although it IS pretty fun to get fucked up and go on rollercoasters or to the IMAX. I've had many differing experiences that keep me attracted to this drug, even though many of its effects are extremely dysphoric. For instance, I've had completely alien landscapes and situations spring forth from nowhere, conversations with a kid that committed suicide at my school (only a year later after "talking" to him did I find out he was an avid DXM user, and that Robitussin was implicated in his death. Realllly creepy, but still so odd that I find some sick fascination in it), complete songs or pictures form spontaneously (I play guitar and paint a lot), as well as some of the only true moments that I would call spiritual or life-defining. It's the reason I stopped being a Christian, it's the reason I'm still alive maybe even... after a series of events in my life that caused my emotions to shut down and my mind to return to the same thoughts over and over again, it helped me work through the reasons why I couldn't accept certain facts. I see it as a tool, not just a fun diversion, although I enjoy it very much.

Anyway, Hope that's not too boring. Talk to you goons later. Peace

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Default 09-20-2010, 02:42 AM


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