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• Why do you want to join the DV?
• What is your interest in DXM?
• A Minimum of 200 words

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Default My introduction Essay - 09-15-2010, 02:01 AM

I first developed an interest in DXM approximately one and a half years ago, during the time of my senior year of high school. At this time, just prior to the start of my DXM use, I was already a regular user of marijuana and alcohol, but my exploration into new and harder drugs was really just beginning. What sparked my interest in DXM was the experiences I had had on other hallucinogens (LSD and psilocybin mushrooms). I found the hallucinogenic experience wondrous and exhilarating and desired to find new and exciting ways to further explore my mind.

And thus I found DXM. The first time I tried DXM I did so by ingesting approximately 150mg of vicks dry cough relief. That night I experienced what I would best describe as a sort of euphoric, drunken, dizziness that I found to be quite enjoyable, but definitely not very psychedelic as I had hope my experience might be. After this initial experience however, I soon experienced the more intense effects of DXM as I upped the dosage during my further explorations of this substance.

As I increased my dosage and the frequency of my use I quickly began to realize that the duration of intoxication that I experienced from DXM lasted extraordinarily long in contrast to what was being reported by others and suggested in the information I had gathered online. A single dose of around 300mg would cause me to feel overwhelmingly dizzy, my eyes to dilate and bulge out of their sockets, my jaw to clench and muscles to spasm uncontrollably, along with incredible open and closed eye visuals for nothing short of a full 24 hours. I also found it was incredibly hard to focus my eyes or read anything the following day and that I would still be left with an over-all feeling of "weirdness" or disconnection.

Because DXM has such a unusually prolonged effect on me I began to experience a sort of accumulative intoxication as I started using DXM more often. I had one particularly difficult experience one night after ingesting approximately 200mg of DXM and having taken a similar dose the night before. I soon noticed that I was way more messed up than I should have been and was robo-walking harder than had I ever thought possible. I then proceeded quite irresponsibly to drive myself home and needless to say it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.

It's because that I feel DXM has such a unique effect on me that I wish to join The Dextroverse. I hope that by sharing some of my experiences and reading others experiences that I can learn more about this peculiar substance and possibly even discover that I am not the only one who has such a profound reaction to its effects. I feel that I could add a great deal to the discussions had here and could benefit equally from reading what others have to share. I look forward to learning more about the members and community here and sharing more about myself and my experiences.
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Default 09-15-2010, 02:18 PM

Essay approved.

Stay tuned for further processing.
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