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Default Nero's Burning Dream ... - 03-08-2010, 10:39 AM

Nero's Burning Dream ....

To the potential Dexasapien, so many questions, not enough answers. Lucky for you, we are here to make a statement. A voice to the force that drives your life and defines your path. We all have that insatiable energy that compels us to unleash a scream that will free us from the fallacies of our fathers. To liberate our reality that is bound by the chains and shackles of control. Our lives were meant to be lived away, not worked away. We have become slaves to human affairs. We struggle to identify ourselves, while meeting societies demands.

We all have the itch we can't scratch. Our Father's religions have become dangerous as social justifiers, a lackey or tool of power, instead of the earth shattering liberator that it begs to be. All too often we find ourselves in moral dilemmas where our values have been defined, and we are conditioned to respond in a certain manner in accordance with their belief systems. Our voices muted, we struggle to be heard beyond these empty walls. Barriers create division and spread power. Never will we rise without unity. We must look out for each other if we expect to be heard.

If our touch could reach the four corners of the world, our screams would be felt in between. Our force recognized and path understood. Is it too much to ask that they see the burning blue skies of Nero's Dream?...

--Reverend Nero Putsch

PS - Torture is defined in law as the deliberate infliction by state officials of
"severe pain, whether physical or mental" Such pain, the law defines, can be inflicted in a single act--like the use of psychotropic medications or threats against one's civil liberties, i.e. the loss of privileges (security level system). But torture --as defined--can also mean a pattern of 'treatment' that, little by little, destroy's the prisoner's mind.

oh and of course sigma receptors
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Default 03-09-2010, 12:46 AM

This is not the main forum. This is the intro essay forum. Please read the stickeys.

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