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Default 06-30-2007, 03:15 AM

Funny story relating to five moms, but requires a little background...

When i had just turned 18, i was living with my father, I sort of started a dxm binge that didnt end for a long time, mostly out of sheer bordem and things just plain not going well enough in life for me want to do anything else.

But one night, around the time i started dosing 2 bottles of gels by default, i sat in the living room at my dads, reaching a high third plateau and as i peaked, i started to "fade" in and out, as if time was freezing, and i would just go blank, etc (i was 'day dreaming', there was a lady there, a friend of my dad and his wifes and i was overcome by the resemblence she had to a troll or grimlin type creature.

Dad, immediately notices, asks me what the hell I am on. I was truthful , and i told him robitussin... he had NEVER heard of this type of drug use, so his response is "yeah .. right .. give me the keys to your car" (the car was locked)

So good ol' dad goes out, and searches my car (much like the police, only he isnt as clever), his search didnt take long, he discovered my robitussin graveyard that was under my seat and retreated to the house. He walks in the door and says "You've got a problem"

Now, to the relevance.. the other day I am at my dads house, and he is checking his email.. and guess who I see spam from? thats right Five Moms... I couldn't help but chuckle, because I had read this thread some time earlier.. I said "five moms" aloud as I was chuckling, and he said "Whats that?" i was like "Spam, just a bunch of bullshit" so he marked it as spam and that was the end of five moms at his house.

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Default 08-29-2007, 08:59 AM

According to the educational and interactive Web site,, roughly 10 percent of young people ages 12 to 17 - almost 2.4 million kids - have reported intentionally abusing cough medicine to get high. But only 4 percent of parents believe their children may have abused cough medicine to get high.
I did the math on these statistics. The estimated US world population right now is 302,728,036 people[1].
If we divide 2,400,000 by 302,730,000 we get a result of .007927 or roughly 8%.

I hate people who do crap like this for persuasion. I never believe statistics when I hear them. I never did in school and I don't do so now. Ok, they should EDUCATE people on the dangers of using this stuff (mainly CCC's) but that doesn't mean to freak the f*** out on everybody. This is why we have communities like this, the DV, to educate people and also explore this alternate style.

BTW, Just by my calculations, they are claiming 3 million kids (not 2.4m) said they do it. They also failed to mention specifically if the 4% of parents who do believe their kids have abused parents have c hildren between their census ages of 12-17. Lets say they had a 16 year old and an 18 year old. What if they suspected the 18 year old but not the 16 year old? They could still be considered in this census group(possibility, not saying I know everything about how they gathered their statistics).

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