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Required Introduction For Registration
Required Essay Topics:

• Why do you want to join the DV?
• What is your interest in DXM?
• A Minimum of 200 words

BOTH Must Be Completed to Finish Registration

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The Dextroverse Introduction Registration System
Version 2.2
by PeoplesMind
updated by euph and strange_r

  1. Introduction
  2. So What Do I Do?
  3. How long do I have to submit an introduction?
  4. What if I don't submit an introduction?
  5. What are the introductions judged on?
  6. Where do I post my introduction?
  7. How will I know when I'm approved?
  8. Special friendly reminders from the staff
  9. Sample essays
  1. Introduction
    You are here in this forum because you have not completed the registration process for membership in the Dextroverse. Your account is status 'Validating' and you cannot see any of the real forums, yet.

    We get the "why the fuck do I need to write an essay for a cough syrup drinking web site I mean come on now I h8 sk00l anyway and I'm not good at writing and this is stupid you all are gay" all the time so let me explain our rationale for requiring our members write introduction essays. That rant above already contains 40 words, which is 20% of the essay requirement already! So with just a little more effort and time, you will be well on your way to completing the essay and having your account approved.

    Reasons we require our users to write essays:
    1. Spam
      Requiring 200 words on two very specific topics cannot be scripted by a spam bot, plain and simple. This eliminates the possibility of people registering thousands of fake accounts to spam our boards via a script or bot.
    2. Weeds out a fraction of the unfavorables
      Though we only ask you to write 200 words which can be accomplished in under 10 minutes using little to no brain power for the average human being, we get plenty of people who fail miserably at this simple task. What this does is either eliminate those poor bastards who are too dumb or too stoned to figure out what the fuck an essay of 200 words means or at least flag those that may require special attention due to immaturity and/or heavy DXM intake/low intelligence.

      In fact there have been many people who write multiple essays and still cannot seem to figure out what we require hence this lengthly post on how to write an intro essay. :shake:

    Please read this thread carefully and follow the directions to insure quick validation.
  2. So What Do I Do?
    You need to submit a 200 word or more introduction about your interest in DXM and joining the dextroverse. Once your essay is read by a staff member and approved your account will be activated to 'Member' status.
  3. How long do I have to submit an introduction?
    Make your essay thread NOW. If you are a 'Validating' status member, you will have at least 24 hours to make a new thread. Otherwise, your account may be deleted. Even if you don't want to write the essay at this moment, at least make a thread letting us know you're human and intend to actually write the essay. You will have 7 days after registration to finish the process before your account is deleted. You can re-signup but will be required to submit an introduction before having access to the forums.
  4. What if I don't submit an introduction?
    Your account will be deleted.
  5. What are the introductions judged on?
    Content. Grammar and Spelling is not important but addressing the topic/prompt is. Any introduction that is completely illegible will be declined.

    IMPORTANT: Each member must also use the 200 words to address the topic itself and not just random filler. Autobiographical information is fine as long as it pertains in some way to the general topic.
  6. Where do I post my introduction?
    In a new topic in this forum.
  7. How will I know when I'm approved?
    You will need to log into your account after submitting your introduction. If you can no longer see this forum but rather all the forums, you have been approved. If you can still see only this forum, please check your introduction. If you see a reply under your introduction saying something like "yes" or "done" or "approved" and the thread has been locked, but can not see the member forums, your account still needs to be authorized by an admin, but has been approved. You will NOT get an e-mail after being approved.

    Sometimes there is a big delay between being "approved" and actually becoming a full member. The final step requires an admin function which from time to time takes a few days to complete. As long as you see that your intro thread is locked by a mod and says approved, you are in, just hang tight while we get the dirty work done.
  8. Special friendly reminders from the staff
    Please remember the guidelines for the essay registration system.
    • Your essay is to be a minimum of 200 words. Yes, we will count them.
    • Yes, it has to be 200 (or, of course, more). 192 means you're lazy.
    • The topics are:
      1. What is your interest in DXM?
      2. Why do you want to join the Dextroverse?
      You may address these in any format you please, so long as both (not one) topics are indulged.
    • This is not a trip report. Of course, we'd love to read your trip reports, but wait until your account has been activated to post them.
    • If you are using a word processing application that, for some reason, does not include a word count function, or you are just typing away in a post and need to count your words, here you go:

      Online Text Statistics & Word Count
      Free Online Spell Checker
    • Don't forget that introductions have to be at least 200 words!
    • Intro Topic : "What is your interest in DXM? Why you do wish to be a member of the Dextroverse?
    • If you edit your essay in some way and are ready for staff to review it again, please make a new post in your original thread. The forum only reports new posts, and not new content.
      This does not mean write a story about the first time you used DXM or any other formulation of a 'trip report.'
  9. Sample Essays

    If you are still confused on how this works, read the following essays. These are the real essays that various staff members wrote (yes the staff even wrote an essay.)

    Walkaway’s Essay
    Originally Posted by Walkaway
    My name is Cliff, and I first started using DXM 6 years ago. In this period of time, it has done much to influence my philosophy on life, and I attribute some (but not all) of my growth in this period to my use of this substance (though none of it would have happened if I had not been aware enough to seize the possibilites). Some of the most profound experiences in my life have occurred through DXM use, and I can quite honestly state that I feel I would be dead were it not for its beneficial influence during a period that one friend of mine refers to as "the crucible." I am currently going to a community college in San Francisco, and it is my intention to transfer to UC Berkeley next year. I plan on majoring in psychology. I am interested in joining the Dextroverse because it seems to be a place where you can engage in intelligent discussion with a wide variety of persons with similar and divergent viewpoints. I feel that I could contribute much in the way of scientific information, cultural analysis, art, and thoughts on philosophy/'spirituality' (though, in general, I detest that word). I think that it is important that people use drugs safely, because, in short, it's cooler to have fun, learn something, and live than to have fun for a little while and then die horribly.
    This is not my actual introduction (which will follow after I take DXM tonight), but rather a form to follow. I will warn EVERYONE (this means you, Dross) that simply copy/pasting this sample introduction and changing (or not changing) relevant details will IMMEDIATELY result in that introduction, and its writer (the prospective DV member) being failed and excluded forever from the realms of electronic Valhalla. Oh, and I'll curse your first born or something.


    PeoplesMind’s Essay
    Originally Posted by PeoplesMind
    Hi I'm Nitin. I'm eighteen years old and reside in Pensacola, FL, USA. I am currently a student but plan to persue a basic degree in psychology and go to graduate studies in psychology. I was first introduced to DXM a few years ago, and have been a recreational and non-recreational user since then. I have found that DXM allows the user to shed the materialistic ego, ie the outter sheds of the "onion" when medidtating. I practice Vipassana & Kundilini Medidtation and occasionally Hatha Yoga and have found DXM to be very userful in lower doses along with these exercises. I feel that DXM has helped me on my path of life up to this point. I have gone through some major transformations over the last few years of my life and feel that DXM has played a part in those changes within me. I want to be a part of the Dextroverse community because I feel I can add insights from expierece about DXM and otherwise, help dicussion on a variety of issues, and help out with some predicaments people are expierencing. I look forward to expierncing a diverse view of opinions and providing whatever insight I can. Thanks for your time and look forward to helping out on the forums in whatever way I can.
    levomethorphan’s Essay
    Originally Posted by levomethorphan
    I found out about DXM on the internet. I was searching around on some legal high FAQ, and after it had gone through all the silly ones, like LSD from foster's beer and the like, I came across something called dextromethorphan, which the FAQ said would work. I searched on Erowid for it, and found out it was in cough syrup. The effects seemed pretty interesting, so the next day (September 12, 2003) I had 100 mg. I had only had alcohol and marijuana up until then, so needless to say, DXM was a unique experience. I liked the 100 mg experience so much that I repeated it a week later with 250 mg, and I fell in love with the intoxicating effects that were so unlike weed or alcohol. Within a month, I was taking high second plateau doses three times a week. The fact that such a likeable drug could be bought so cheaply at the drug store was just amazing. Even more amazing was the fact that no one could really notice that I was high, something I could never hide on weed or alcohol. DXM use taught me that marijuana is a pretty mild drug, and it prompted me to search for other drugs, many of which I enjoy immensely. If not for DXM, I would definitely still be a pothead.

    Although my DXM use has tapered somewhat, and my discovery of amphetamine has supplanted DXM from being my #1 drug, I still hold a special regard for the syrup. I have yet to find a drug, legal or not, that matches the intensity and enjoyability of intoxication that DXM offers.

    I joined the DV after having read the posts for a few weeks. Reading the posts were fun, but I really wanted to share all the information I had gathered by squandering time on Erowid and similar sites. It was good to talk to and share experiences with other dexers, because I seemed to be the only dexer in my group of friends. I am glad I joined the DV, especially since I was promoted to moderator, the first position of leadership on the internet I have ever had.
    luciddistortions’s Essay
    Originally Posted by luciddistortion
    Age 17.
    About 3 years ago...
    I was looking for legal highs. When i disrespected dxm, It taught me a lesson I never forgot. One time I truly had a nde and saw my use in a different light.

    While searching on erowid for information on thc, and lsa, I stumbled across something I had never heard before. This unknown substance was Dxm, Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide, and that it was like pcp. I read that it was found in cough syrup.. My friend P had used this before, but in the form of coricidin. I read that coricidin was harmful, and before I could relay this information to him, I had found out he spent a trip in his corner, clutching his sides in the hopes of saving his ego, and forgetting the pain his insides had taken.. He now does not use ccc.

    So I turned my friends on to the erowid website, and later that week started reading erowid, and the lycaeum.

    I wanted to know more. My "experienced" friend who had tripped on mushrooms explained it worked by eating the lining of your stomach, which upon that weekend I found to be total bullshit. I spent that entire weekend, reading William Whites faq on erowid, and upon looking for more information, found the stories of the big fun and tussin tirades, then linked on to the dextroverse, lurked around, when it was on the kenton server.

    That next weekend I decided it was the day to trip. My prior drug experience were adhd meds, alcohol and thc. After downing 4oz of robitussin maximum strength, the world around me had turned into a dizzying array of different shades I had never seen, depth perception and logic had fallen softely dead, I finally knew what this psychedelia was about, I questioned every aspect of my life and had made an epiphany of every memory, every insight, and every perception. I loved it. I understood it was very intoxicating, and decided to limit my use untill I had read more. Dxm brought me immense interest into psychology, psychopharmacology, and was intensily inspiring in what was then a vague interest in guitar.

    Hearing music on dxm changed my life. I understood the emotion put into each chord, because my body was so far away from my mind, petty ideals had no use in this mindset.I picked up guitar easier, after this.

    I continue to use bi-weekly, sometimes weekly, as an anti-depressant, and immensily spiritual tool, mediated by never forgetting that questioning
    that dxm's influence brought. I joined the dv in hopes of sharing my knowledge with fellow tussin heads
    pr0zac’s Essay
    Originally Posted by pr0zac
    Back in the day I knew I was interested in drugs, however I didn't know much about them. Friends of mine on the internet however, knew quite a bit. Of course one day when I was talking to them online about drugs, one of them mentioned DXM and how it was the main ingredient in cough syrup. I said "Dude people drink cough medicine for the alcohol." He sent me links to erowid and the dextroverse and thus began my obsession with drug information. I use DXM for the perspective it gives me on my life, to gain access to parts of existance I have trouble accessing other ways, and because sometimes it just makes the world more interesting. Other than beginning my drug geekery, DXM has also helped me better understand who I am as a person, helped me become more confident in myself, as well as formed and helped cement my spiritual beliefs. I want to be a member here at the Dextroverse because it provides me with a community of people who share similar interests as me, who I know will always be open to my ideas, and who will help me solve any problems or questions I may have. It provides and outlet for my emotions as well as a source of information and entertainment. The people here are my friends and this place is my internet home, and I hope to keep it that way.
    drdave’s Essay
    Originally Posted by drdave
    I found out about the DV early last summer(‘03) while researching dextromethorphan online, I was really impressed by the intelligent people I found posting to a “Drug Board”.
    I have used the DV as a resource for my own DXM use, and tried to help it be one for other DXM users, newbie’s & experienced users as well.
    My comparatively long "life experience" comes in handy in many areas.
    The [email protected] the Dextroverse makes my entheogenic experiences safer and more enjoyable with any substance I use.
    But, the people of the Dextroverse are the reason I return, some are fuckin’ tards but most are bright, witty people who can carry on an intelligent conversation on many diverse topics.
    Trying to help keep some of these bright, witty people from making a stupid mistake is my main reason for hanging here, the laughs don’t hurt either.
    I consider most of the staffer’s to be “real” friends, even if it’s online friends; this is my first digital community and my favorite by far.
    Kudos to all of those who came before and marked the path, we have a responsibility to the group, to set an example of responsible use for those who chose to follow our intrepid journey into inner space.
    euph's Essay
    Originally Posted by euph
    I’ve been with the Dextroverse for about two and a half years now though I’ve been using DXM on and off for around four years. I think I clicked the link on erowid’s DXM vault to the Dextroverse to discover this funny, informative and weird place.

    I feel I’ve explored all sides of the DXM experience over the years: the psychonaught’s jackhammer into the unconscious, the shaman’s looking glass into the ethereal and also the college kid’s party drug of choice. Each have their place when used in moderation. At this point in my life, my DXM use is relegated to the ‘once in a while’ category as I’ve grown away from my drug experimentation stage and all but stopped using psychedelics.

    So, why do I remain active in the Dextroverse community? Basically, I honestly want to help others, extending out a helping hand as others did for me when I first joined. I feel my assistance helping out in administering the DV IRC network and moderating the forums helps things run a bit smoother here. The Dextroverse is a valid and worthwhile resource for hundreds of people and I’d like it to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

    Besides all that, the Dextroverse community as a whole are quite a bunch of interesting people. I’ve made online friendships here and enjoy the varied discussion we have on all topics, drug related and otherwise.

If you have any problems or questions, try IRC, server, channel #entrance
--The Dextroverse Staff

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