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    Default hey there, spiroth10, I needed some info on DXM and found this site!!

    hey there guys, I'm spiroth10, or Josh, I can't release my last name as I may get found out and end up in trouble haha. Ik its just my introduction, but im asking my question here in hopes it gets answered before I get approved, time is of the essence - so hopefully someone can be kind enough to answer it without making me wait (whether or not I can dose is dependant on the answer... I wanna right now!!! and might not be able to later)

    I first started to use DXM years ago, and Its never been a frequent thing. I've done a little of pretty much every drug in my time, and never really stuck with DXM as a constant thing. I know many of you will detest my reasoning after I fully explain myself and why I came here really, but I hope for understanding and support, as many other communities have bashed me and left me without the necessary information I've been looking for, which I believe someone may be privy to here.

    I ended up a heroin addict after life took a turn for worst for me, it was a sad experience that I am now paying greatly for. I have lost my car, job, and life to drugs and a series of negative events that spiraled out of control after I lost my first real love. stupid, I know, and totally the pussy thing to do, but im still alive and with (most) of my health, so I am trying to rebuild from here.

    I have gotten out of multiple charges in court for drugs and a little violence in my home, and I am in rehab and MUST finish it in order to not end up in jail, which leads me to the question I've been questing to have answered -

    --is DXM a viable option for me to trip and have spiritual experiences with now that I am in rehab and prohibited from all drug and alcohol use?--

    its a toughie to answer, as the risk of false positive weighs heavily on my mind. Right now, as of saturday, I dont have a drug test until wednesday, and when I do, its a super comprehensive (24 panel?) test for outpatient rehab. I cannot afford to have a false positive, it would mean there is no hope left for redemption of my life, and id go to jail and suffer detox there for months, and be there for years.

    I search the answers for valid time frames of false positives - which metabolites are similar to pcp and causing this result? how long would one single dose of 120-300mg stay with an individual, and would I be able to take some today on saturday in a few hours, and be good to pass a test on wednesday at 1:00 pm?

    if DXM is a valid option for me, I will be using it occasionally throughout this time, and can contribute to this community a lot in that time. I asked on the IRC channel, and so far, it seems I probably would pass but its not worth the risk of my freedom...

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    I figured I'd add on other reasoning why I am interested in DXM. I've found similar drugs to be eye-opening and that they help me gain perspective on the world in a way thats kind of become my religion. my truth. a way to open the inner eye to see that which is normally hidden.

    These people have shut that eye, and are trying to close it permanently, and I believe DXM may be my way back into that realm, and may be my saving grace while I cannot reach that state of meditation anymore. The consequence of constant use scares me, but occassional responsible use I do not oppose.

    high doses usually feel unpleasant to me, but lower doses do not.

    I truly hope I can find the answers I seek here, and that I can have some way back to that place I search for in my mind. I feel empty without it.



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