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    Ive been here before..

    Im Meta Prime And Boundless.

    I do dex almost everyday. In the form of either Coriciden boxes...about 480mg per session. And dxm containing cough syrup life brand.

    Ive just attempted to order Powder. And perform sexual magick on low doses of pure powder.

    I love the Dextroverse... and the people on it.

    I hope to make poetry and talk about daily Dexing and sex.

    Sometimes I don't need to do dex...Like today.. Its been a joy doing dex... In the form of Coriciden.

    Ive read about the suposed dangers of doing CCCs but im imortal and can handle them pretty well..I do however prefer Pure Powder.

    Though it can be hard to find sometimes.

    Please allow me to join this board again...

    So we can all have some fun and relate to one another.

    Thank you.

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    141 words. Please elaborate on the topics we've presented you:

    • Why do you want to join the DV?
    • What is your interest in DXM?
    • A Minimum of 200 words
    Once you do that, I'll get you in. Thanks. :)



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