My name is Trey. I have just recently discovered dxm within the past year. I had been aware of the substance for quite some time, as one of my ex's dabbled with CCC's, but I never was interested in taking that due to the possible adverse effects. I tried to find safer ways to take dxm but couldn't find any. I must not have been searching very hard because this February I tried some gels for the first time and fell in love with dxm. Since then, I have been taking dex, mostly gelcaps and syrup, fairly frequently and sharing it with some of my friends who have also very much enjoyed their experiences. It has quickly turned into my drug of choice. I am interested in joining the DV because I am very interested in learning about how others use dxm and how to use safely and intelligently. Obliviously CCCs, tussin DM products and the like are not the best way to get your dex, so I am curious to learn what others opinions on these options are. Dxm has impacted my life in a number of ways since I have met her and I would like to learn how she has effected the lives of others.