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    My name is blake. I am 31 years old. I have been contemplating about weither or not to register with this website for years. Now I feel the need to register.
    Being exposed to the effects of dxm at age 15, I have had a sizeable relationship with her. Dxm has given me insight into consciousness, my inner self, realization of psychic abilities and ease of interaction with the spirit world. Those are my intrests with her.
    I am interested in joining this group to learn and connect with others of like mind. I want to know how others lives have been enhanced or if using dex has caused lives to fall apart. I want to know how others do after quitting or if it can be quit. It seems to keep popping up in my life so often.
    I have done fairly well for myself this far, in work and life but usually find myself lonely without the medecine. I seem to have an entire personality in the dextroverse and am wanting to know how others deal with this. My normal dosage was nine-hundred mg. For three years I normally did this every day or two. Been two months off it now.
    I don't know but maybe three people who have ever used dex so it would be great to learn from others about this amazing substance I have spent half my life married to. Thanks for your consideration to enter this site in membership.

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    Approved, an admin will activate your account shortly.

    <+tweek`> I like when girls say "i'm not religious, but I'm spiritual." and I'm like "well I'm not honest, but you're interesting!"



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