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    Hello! Since 2003, I have used DXM off and on as a constant safe ground that I have been willing to come back to and experiment with due to the price and legality. Before I got married and had kids- I was an experienced psychonaut with other psychadelics. Now I am almost exclusively DXM when I want to explore an entirely new way of looking at an issue or problem.

    I would like to join the Dextroverse so I would have a place to talk with like minded people. It is also a good excercise to put trip experiences and lessons learned into writing to solidify that knowledge for later. This might be a great place to do that without simply filling a journal next to my bed without it ever being read.

    I think I would be able to bring some experiences and warnings to the forums as well. For example, I was prescribed Wellbutrin for migraines last year. I started to take my prescription and about a week later visited dxm. I had a wild month! I basically went into a manic episode and thought that I had figured out how the world works. I had been able to handle complete ego-death but wasn't prepared for effects that lasted for a couple of weeks. Luckily, I didn't do anything too stupid. That is a much longer story- but the moral is to be sure and check drug interactions.

    Anyway, I hope you will let me take part! :)

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    Approved, an admin will activate your account shortly.

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