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Default 09-21-2010, 04:05 AM

Originally Posted by iRizzen View Post
Yea, it was a scary thought thinking that they are gonna remove all of the DXM containing products from the market.

This is probably in FAQ, but I don't feel like pulling it up. But, what does DXM and me coughing got in common? Like, where does cough happen in the brain? If my question makes any sense...I am lookin fowards an answer.
I have to admit that I don't know where the cough reflex is managed in the body, but DXM, being an NMDA antagonist (among other things), inhibits that reflex. You actually need a much stronger signal to get the muscles to cough shit up because the neurons' glutamate sites are jammed up with DXM.
That plus all the menthol, expectorants, etc. that somewhat help with the other symptoms that usually come with cough and cold.
Anyway, it is indeed all in the FAQ, and better explained there than I could (or would want to right now).
And DXM is not that good of an antitussive anyway... which is why I feared it would be removed from the shelves, too many kids getting fucked up and too few coughs cured. Great to learn that prohibition isn't there yet.

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