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Default 05-14-2010, 07:16 PM


I have had that happen before.

In the past I would buy Tussin DM and see these little 1/8" hairs floating on the top of the bottle. I found this is the same for Robitussin also back when they were still "Max Strength" labeled. Always seemed to be only in the older bottles, not the new ones.

I don't suspect it's some dangerous thing. I drank them anyways. I even asked a long time ago on the DV back in like 2004 if anyone noticed these little hair like things floating in their bottles. No one responded.

Totally wows me someone finally noticed.

You can't really notice them unless you really look at the top surface of the syrup. Poor into a clean glass and sometimes you will notice these little flecks like I mentioned above.
Most the syrups today don't have them though. I haven't seen it since a few years! I also notice the syrups feel way less potent. Wonder if that is coincidence. It's not tolerance BTW.

It reminds me of when you get water in fiber glass and there are all those little short specs that look like translucent specs floating. Almost glass like.

What I always thought they were was the actual drug. Just floating on top for some reason, maybe binding somehow to create visible threads. I dunno.

Just thought I should share my experience with this.

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