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Originally Posted by Quon View Post
I honestly don't get why that guy would sell something like that to the kids. He must have been quite greedy and not knew what it was.
Well, the guy was the owner of a computer gaming shop. Probably a huge, out of touch, nerd (i mean that as a term of endearment, btw) trying to organize a contingent of junior super soldiers to do his bidding via chemical manipulation/conditioning.

...from the owner of a computer gaming shop, who said these pills would make them impervious to pain.
So close to the completion of phase one... it really is a shame.

It would not even surprise me if the guy got the inkling that dxm was a super soldier formula from these boards; there have been a couple threads on that. I think Tweek(sp?) was heavily subscribed to that idea at one (or more) points.

I think the store owner (Unless he was just the agreed upon fall guy the kids chose in advance, to cover their real source.) knew what he was selling, at the very least.

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