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Default 01-18-2010, 10:32 AM

Hmm, interesting read. I'll have to show this (the first part) to my sister who has two twin boys who just turned 3. In talking to her one time we got off on a conversation about her wanting a WII then on to talks of whether she would be letting the boys have/play video games. She said her husband didn't really want that, but instead wanted them outdoors in sports and exercising and such. Me growing up with video games always in my hands and being a hardcore fan was kind of disappointed in that idea. I love(d) sports and exercise just as well and am near perfectly fit and decently athletic. I understood what he was saying yet I felt that given the right games and possibly limits it would definitely be beneficial. I truly feel like growing up till now it has really developed a ton of skills. Many mentioned in the article.

The second bit is kind of neat food for thought I suppose.

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