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The farming thing can't possibly be true.
Never overestimate the intelligence of American junior high kids. This did happen in the county where my parents live--a bunch of kids at a sleepover overdosed and nearly died from randomly eating a lot of stolen pills out of a bowl. I mean, these kids took large amounts of Vioxx, Prozac, Xanax, and some other pill--the only one that could actually get them high was the Xanax, but they took this ridiculous combination just to find out what the effects were!

The Franklin-Fulton County Drug and Alcohol Program displayed legal and illegal drugs and drug equipment at its booth.
Man, I'd like to go to one of those things and swipe the drugs someday. Or just get high and laugh at the cops. . .like the drug convention in FLLV.

"You must bring out what is within you, or it shall destroy you. . ."--Gospel of St. Thomas

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