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although this read is sending out a negative message against dxm use (more of making the general public aware of the drug, rather) goes easy on the propaganda tactics typically used by the media in this nature. the only thing that i can pick out that is a real slanted attack on the drug is the 14 deaths that occured...i do in fact believe this to be true, that 14 deaths were RELATED to dxm, but i'm almost positive that probably every one of those 14 deaths came from other drugs taken with the dex (be it an antihistimine or a harder recreational drug). i think it's a very good write up (all things considered, seeing the nature of the article)...specifically noting it's opiate similarities to codiene, and it's neurological similarities to PCP...not completely agreeing with everything, but atleast it's not a completely unjustified attack like most of the other articles we see on here...that's just my $.02

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