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The Franklin-Fulton County Drug and Alcohol Program displayed legal and illegal drugs and drug equipment at its booth.

"A lot of the parents say they didn't know what the drugs look like," said George Reitz, prevention specialist trainee. "The kids unfortunately already know. It's in the schools."

Reitz told visitors to the booth about new forms of prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse called robotripping and farming.

Robotripping involves drinking three or four bottles of cough syrup such as Robitussin to experience a high, Reitz said.

"They may throw up, get dizzy, have seizures or muscle spasms," symptoms similar to those caused by heroin or cocaine, Reitz said.

Farming involves children who raid their parents' medicine chests or steal pills from a pharmacy and have a party, Reitz said.

"They put the pills together in a mixing bowl and challenge each other to take them to see what effect they have," Reitz said. "They think the pills are safe because Mom and Dad take them. Parents need to be educated, and to talk to their kids."

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