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Alright where to start:

This makes sense how? So fkn what if it was dxm does it matter? No, he would have probably found that drug without dxm anyways.

One sheriff told McDaniel of a young man who died of a drug overdose from other drugs. But he began with cough syrup.

Can they get any more stupid? Going over 60 mg's of dxm at once is considered oding because it's passed the medicinal limit.

Though he saw an overdose from cough medicine just last week, he personally has seen only five cases in the past five years

Alright what about all the caffeine overdoses every year and all the problems and overdoses people get from the meds YOUR center or whereever you work at helps prescribe but why focus on dxm?

Still, even a single overdose is dangerous and unnecessary.

It's called a dissociative for a god damn reason asshat, when taken in large doses it makes you trip. Yes if there doing dxm that's what there after, the trip genius.

In one case several years ago, Kirk saw four teens show up at the emergency room at once hallucinating and delusional.

They all had overdosed on cold medicine.

Lemme guess, from parents who found there kids with golfball eyes or the kids at school tripping:

In 2006, it got 576 from both states - more than one a day on average - while in 2005 it took 793 and in 2004, 746.

Once again they fail so miserably:

With enough cold medicine, some users have died.

Yes and youll die if you drink to much fluid as with most things if you do to much your gonna die.

Man In this short story all these flaws.
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