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View Full Version : DXM News: "Couple: Restrict DXM, save lives"

01-30-2004, 11:18 PM
http://www.pantagraph.com/stories/013004/n...040130008.shtml (http://www.pantagraph.com/stories/013004/new_20040130008.shtml)

Friday, January 30, 2004

Couple: Restrict DXM, save lives

Family lost its son to legal drug

The Pantagraph/JOSH RITCHIE
Greg and Linda Frary of Peoria sit in their late son Jon's bedroom in their home Thursday. Jon Frary died in September after taking the legal drug DXM.

By Scott Richardson
[email protected]

NORMAL -- Despite careers in medicine, Greg and Linda Frary never heard of the over-the-counter drug DXM before Sept. 24.
That was the day Greg Frary traveled to Normal to check on their son, Jon, a senior at Illinois State University.

Jon's worried girlfriend had phoned the Frarys at their Peoria home to say she wasn't able to reach him. But his car was at his apartment, and UPS stickers hung on the door, documenting unsuccessful delivery attempts.

Greg Frary, a medical practice administrator, found his son dead inside. A bottle labeled dextromethorphan was next to his body.

Frary's cell phone rang at that moment. It was his wife, a nurse.

"I said, 'Greg, what's going on?'" Linda Frary said Thursday, the same day the couple appeared on NBC's "Today Show" to discuss the dangers of DXM.

"Greg said, 'He's gone.'

"I said, 'What do you mean?

"He said, 'Linda, he's dead.

"I said, 'Oh my God. Was he murdered?'

"I was shocked when our son died of this, absolutely dumbfounded."

An investigation concluded Jon died from an accidental overdose of DXM. An honors student in psychology just weeks from graduation, he was 22.

DXM is a common ingredient in over-the-counter cough medicines, such as Robitussin and Coricidin.

DXM also can be legally purchased in its pure form. In high doses, it produces an LSD-like high with hallucinations. Several deaths in the United States have been blamed on DXM.

Jon was fascinated with dreams, said his mom. With no history of drug abuse, the Frarys are convinced their son was doing informal dream-related research on hallucinations, using himself as a test subject.

They point to a journal found next to him in which he was documenting his drug experience. He also made audio tapes when he took the drug, his mother said.

"He was a typical great kid," she said. "He never ever smoked, he never did any drugs -- but this one."

Five months before his death, Jon told his girlfriend he'd tried DXM, his parents learned later.

"He told her, 'You won't believe what it did to me,'" his mother said, adding when the girlfriend became upset, Jon promised not to do it again.

"He dumped it down the drain," Linda Frary said.

Estimates of the extent of DXM abuse vary. Linda Frary termed it "very widespread." A physician in the Chicago area has told her he's seeing children arrive at emergency rooms more frequently after ingesting DXM, she said.

Alan Markwood, prevention projects coordinator for Bloomington's Chestnut Health Systems, which specializes in drug and alcohol treatment and prevention, said the facility has not seen a rise in DXM abuse in McLean County.

"It's a legal substance. It's kind of always been around," Markwood said.

The fact that DXM is so easily obtained worries the Frarys, whose story also is detailed in the Feb. 2 edition of People magazine.

The Frarys would like drug stores to move medicine with DXM behind the counter so sales can be monitored more closely, Linda Frary said. One store in their community already has, she said.

The Frarys also have contacted U.S Rep. Ray LaHood of Peoria, hoping to get his help to ban DXM sales over the Internet.

Jon Frary purchased his supply of pure DXM at a Web site that asked for only for two pieces of information -- his credit card number and whether the drug was being used for research, his mom said. For $65, he bought enough DXM for several doses, she said.

"It's just awful that's available," she said. "There is no reason for the pure form to be available. None. It's only used for recreational purposes to get high and hallucinate."

01-31-2004, 01:08 AM
what can you say, really? he took an obvious lethal dose and didn't have a sitter. two things he probably knew were extremely dangerous. i keep harping on this, but the information on this site does more to prevent harm caused by dxm than all the stories the mainstream press can churn out to keep selling their swill.

01-31-2004, 03:45 AM
If he already had had almost 5 months of experience, what could've he done to OD then? that dosn't really make much sense. eh, whatever.

01-31-2004, 04:28 AM
He could have died of something completely unrelated to DXM. I'd like to see the autopsy.

01-31-2004, 04:44 AM
I hope that RFG contacts the coroner, he has done so in the past.

01-31-2004, 02:57 PM
Funny how the media keeps saying that its like lsd when we all know that its not. It really shows their ignorance. :shake:

01-31-2004, 03:29 PM
This smells rather bullshitty to me, just like this one news report of a Tylenol overdose I read once, where they quoted the girl's last words as being "it was only Tylenol, ma, I thought it'd be okay."

With 20 pills.

It said she took them at night, and woke up the next morning and went to the hospital.

Aceteminophen poisoning is fully treatable up to 48 hours after ingestion, and 10g is only a moderate overdose.

Anyway, back to the point - this story sounds suspicious in the same way the Tylenol story did.

01-31-2004, 04:40 PM
He fucked up and killed himself, he made the decision being at 22 and now his parents are trying to bitch trying to make it illegal to sell dex online? yea good luck

01-31-2004, 09:37 PM
Christ he was 22 and his parents are treating like he was a 5 year old who went out and bought lsd on a corner legaly. This probably wont hurt dexers at all though

02-01-2004, 01:24 AM

02-01-2004, 01:28 AM
Originally posted by PowerMacG4@Feb 1 2004, 01:24 AM
Nah, their kid died in September. He's also the one who really sparked on the media stories.

02-01-2004, 03:45 PM
Too bad that theres people who are actually ignorant enough to overdose on dxm and kill themselves.Ya dont see the media croppin up every time someone dies from a heart attack or cancer from smoking tobacco,Cause thats a nice legal drug with plenty of profit on it.and since when was dxm like lsd?thats just tarring dxm with the wrong brush!

02-01-2004, 05:09 PM
I could've sworn this story was already posted a while back.

If he ingested a lethal dose of dxm, he may have done so with full knowledge of the consequences.

I'm getting tired of people saying there's no similarity between dxm and lsd.

02-01-2004, 09:17 PM
Originally posted by Lysergide@Feb 1 2004, 05:09 PM
I could've sworn this story was already posted a while back.
This isn't a newly reported DXM death.

http://www.dextromethorphan.ws/illinois-co...udent-death.htm (http://www.dextromethorphan.ws/illinois-college-student-death.htm)

Been up on my site for over a month. The parents now are just howling about DXM sales on the Internet. Considering the ease of buying DXM preps in pharmacies and grocery stores in the US, I can't see in this case how it would have made much difference. Now, if this had been sold in gelcaps on the streets to people who never heard of DXM before, that would be a horse of a different color.

02-01-2004, 09:18 PM
Originally posted by PowerMacG4@Feb 1 2004, 01:24 AM
Who is MoonU?

02-02-2004, 06:25 PM
with all this new media attention about it being "lsd like" 10000000's of kids and dumbasses are gonna go abuse the stuff and have even more od's

02-03-2004, 12:36 AM
I don't know what to think... first they say he hasn't done any drugs but DXM.. then they say he was fascinated by dreams and was studying hallucigens.. so does this mean he has tried other shit, and could have possibly mixed it with DXM?