DXM is available at drugstores throughout the world, chemical suppliers, and (very rarely) as a street drug. Generally, however, I wouldn’t trust anyone saying he or she had DXM on the street; it’s probably ketamine, PCP, or something totally unrelated.

DXM is most commonly available in cough syrups, though some syrups contain other ingredients which can make you sick (or dead) if you take too much of them. It is also available in gelcaps and in some places in capsules, either alone or in combination with other ingredients.

DXM can also be extracted from cough medicines, and the extract can be taken orally, injected subcutaneously, intraperitoneally, intramuscuarly, or intravenously. It can probably also be snorted or used rectally (though why one would want to I don’t know). Smoking the free base is very difficult if not impossible. DXO (not DXM) free base can be smoked at 190 C (pers. comm.).

Some drugstores keep track of people who frequently buy DXM-containing cough preparations, especially if they buy multiple bottles at once or tend not to buy other things at the same time. This is less common in larger supermarket/drug stores. In some cities where DXM use has become popular (and come to public attention), sales have been restricted to adults. In Utah in the 1980’s, DXM was placed behind the counter due to recreational

Finally, DXM is available from chemical suppliers, very few of which will sell to individuals.

Hopefully I’ll soon be finished with the “Find the DXM” page, which allows people to find out which DXM preparations are available in their areas. Don’t hold your breath, though; I’m a sysadmin at a small ISP and that doesn’t leave me with a lot of time.

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