DXM hydrobromide is reasonably soluble in saline, and I see no reason why
other acid salts shouldn’t be - though their long-term stability may be
doubtful. However, injection is a very dangerous way of using recreational
drugs, especially if the substance in question is not prepared specifically
to be injected. Some of the potential risks include: sterile abscesses,
torn or collapsed veins, bruising, muscle fiber damage, histamine release,
infection (hepatitis B, HIV, etc.), embolism (and possible resulting stroke
or cardiac arrest), increased chance of addiction, overdose, and people
mistaking you for a junky. True, most of these are unlikely, and if done
correctly injection is generally very safe. However, the key word is
correctly. If you’re still interested, consult a medical text; I’m not
going to teach you how to shoot up.

A few notes for those brave or stupid enough to still be interested.
Intravenous (IV) and intramuscular (IM) injection both seem to produce
similar results in animals, and IM injection is almost always safer. DXM
can also be injected intraperitoneally (IP), but that evidently requires
some skill. Subcutaneous (SC) injection (“skin popping”) leads to slower
absorption and a great increase in the amount of DXM relative to DXO. All
injected drugs should be completely pure, dissolved in the appropriate
physiological saline. In the case of SC (and possibly IM) injection,
injecting too large a volume of material can lead to a sterile abscess.

DXM can also theoretically be snorted although I don’t generally think this
is a very smart route; the nasal lining is very tender. DXM free base is
probably too alkaline to try this with. It can also probably be used
rectally, but somehow the thought of a cough syrup enema doesn’t thrill me.

Smoking DXM free base has been attempted several times by various people
without much success. DXM itself seems to vaporize at a fairly high
temperature, and is extremely harsh. To make matters worse, in typical DXM
extractions, some of the flavoring agents end up surviving the extraction
and they lend a definite unpleasant taste to the smoke.

I have received one report of a successful DXM freebasing experiment. The
person said that while it was nice to know it was possible, it was just too
much trouble to be worth it. Another person reported making the attempt and
suffering from a severe burning sensation in his lungs which ended up as an
asthma attack.

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