DXM can be extracted (see Section 11) and the extracted DXM can be taken
orally, either as free base or as salt (the free base should convert to the
hydrochloride salt in your stomach). DXM is commercially available as the
hydrobromide salt (as well as polistirex), but DXM extraction typically
results in DXM citrate (see Section 11.1.3). The free base tends to be
somewhat alkaline and should be avoided unless combined with food and/or
juice (or other acidic beverage). When taken on a mostly empty stomach, the
extract is generally (but not always) absorbed faster than cough syrups,
gelcaps, or capsules. Some extraction processes may convert some or all of
the DXM into dextrorphan (DXO). Extracted DXM, unlike cough syrups and
gelcaps, has no bromide toxicity (see Section 4.11.7).

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