DXM is not DEA scheduled in the USA (or most other parts of the world), and
consequently should be available via pharmaceutical chemical suppliers. For
example, Sigma Chemical Company (1-800-325-3010) lists DXM hydrobromide
(product D2531) for US $18.20 for 5 grams, US $128.45 for 50 grams. Note
that I have no affiliation with Sigma in any way; I just happened to have a
copy of their catalog handy when writing this.

In theory, it would be fantastically cheap and easy to order DXM this way;
in practice, it’s possibly difficult, and probably a Very Bad Idea. First
off, most chemical companies are wary about selling to individuals (and if
you’re not a legal adult, forget it). Secondly, there’s a significant
chance that your order will be reported to the DEA, and although it’s not
technically illegal, if enough people do this, that may change very

Still, though, if you have the (possibly foolish) courage to try, there’s
no reason why this shouldn’t be a reasonable source. Just use your head.
And don’t mention the FAQ.

Recently, a few chemical resale companies have popped up, relying upon the
fact that many potentially useful chemicals can be sold legally to
researchers (for which there doesn’t seem to be a legal definition). Please
remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that ordering and
using DXM from a chemical supplier is legal in your area. Also, to my
knowledge no chemical supplier (at least, none you’re likely to run across)
warrants its product for human consumption. Buyer beware!

Currently I know of two companies selling DXM (other than Sigma and the
like, which won’t sell to individuals): Chemical Resale of Santa Barbara
and WANMAN Enterprises.

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