A variety of DXM-only pill brands are available throughout the world;
unfortunately, none are available in the US. Some of the brands include:

* Contac CoughCaps (Canada)
* Romilar (southeast Asia and others)
* Dr. Rentschler tuss hustenstiller retard kapseln (Germany)
* Everest (Taipei and others)

Please let me know if you learn of any others.

DXM pills typically contain 15 or 30 mg of DXM, but some (such as the Dr.
Rentschler brand, tuss Hustenstiller retard Kapseln) contain 60mg of DXM.

In the US, a new tablet brand, Coricidin Cough & Cold, is available.
Containing 30mg DXM and 4mg chlorpheniramine maleate (an antihistame),
these have become popular for lower plateau dosing, but can have extremely
unpleasant anticholinergic side effects (drymouth, blurred vision,
confusion, etc.) with higher doses. One person had to be hospitalized for
vomiting blood and entering respiratory arrest after taking a high dose of
Coricidin tablets. Even low doses often have unpleasant side effects and
may be very confusing. At the lower plateaus, the chlorpheniramine does
seem to alleviate the “Robo Itch” (see Section 6.1.3). The box is marked
“suitable for people with high blood pressure” (Coricidin has other tablets
available which are unsuitable for recreational use).

Furthermore, many Coricidin seem to report that frequent use leads to
increasingly severe nausea triggered by taking, or even looking at, the
pills. Some people have been known to puke in the drugstore from seeing the
box (one user reported that 30+ people he knows suffer from this). I have
no idea why this would happen.

Again, remember that the antihistamine in these tablets will change the
character of the DXM trip (not necessarily in a good way), potentially
increasing the degree confusion. Do not use this product except at first
and second plateau dosage! An overdose of antihistamine, while not
typically fatal, can be extremely unpleasant and has been reported to be a
frequent cause of “bad trips” from Coricidin. Most DXM users have
recommended not taking more than eight Coricidin tablets; some say not to
use this product at all.

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